6 Bizarre animals who will stun you with their unconventional size

Darius and Jeff – The Giant Rabbits **PLEASE NOTE ONLINE EMBARGO UNTIL 00:01 6/4/15**- (PICTURED: Annette with Jeff the Rabbit )The worlds biggest bunny rabbit has got competition for his heavyweight title this Easter thanks to his SON. Giant rabbit, Darius, who measures over four feet long and weighs in at a whopping three and a half stone, is officially the worlds biggest rabbit. But this Easter his title is being contended by his son Jeff, who has grown almost as big, measuring three foot eight inches long. Image Source : TheNyPost Ever seen a rabbit? It is one of the most softest and cute looking creatures with its small size and long ears. Wait! Did I say small? Well…with a massive size of more than four feet and a huge weight of more than 22 kg, Darius is the largest of all rabbits in the world. Jeff, the baby rabbit, son of Darius is almost equal to his father with a height of three feet eight inches. These gigantic bunnies belong to Annette Edwards from West Midlands who expects Jeff to beat his dad and become the biggest bunny in the world after he turns six months old. The bunnies’ diet includes 2,000 carrots and 700 apples every year, which costs almost 5,000 Euros. The Herculean Hog

The Herculean Hog

Image Source : ChinaDaily.Com.Cn Farmer Xu Changjin from the Wafangdian city had a pig that measures a large 900 kg and was 2.23 meters wide with a 14.4 cm long tusk. The pig died last February and was 5 years old. Xu kept the pig inside a sty and provided it with good quality food. The pig, due to its enormous sixe was unable to move and walk freely and as a result, it died due to lack of body movement and inability to exercise. KneeHi – The Shortest Donkey

KneeHi – The Shortest Donkey

Image Source : BestFriendsFarm.Com When it comes to shape and size why should always the largest and biggest be preferred? Even some animals due to their unusually smaller size are extremely fantastic. KneeHi was born on October 2, 2007, and is the smallest donkey in the world with a size of 64.2 cm. this Mediterranean donkey belongs to James and Ryan Lee form USA. What is special about the miniature donkeys is there durability, high working and intellectual capacity, stamina and bravery. PeeWee – The smallest of all the Hamsters

PeeWee – The smallest of all the Hamsters

Image Source : News.Bbc.Co.Uk With a body weight of less than 20 grams, PeeWee tops the list of the smallest hamsters in the world. This cute looking golden creature’s growth seized after he turned three weeks old. Thubelina – The Miniature Sorrel

Thubelina – The Miniature Sorrel

Image Source : I0.Wp.Com/Laughingsquid.Com Thumbelina belongs to Kay and Paul Goessling from Missouri, USA. She was measured on 13th June, 2006 to be 44.5 centimeters and this made her win the title of the smallest female horse in the world. Hercules – World’s Biggest Dog

Hercules – World’s Biggest Dog

Image Source : Natyu.Com Hercules, an English Mastiff, is the largest living dog with a nick size of 38 inches and a weight of 127 kilos. Mr. Flynn is the proud owner of this pet with paws similar in size to that of soft balls. According to Flynn, the weight of the animal is natural and nit induced artificially with the help of diet and other means. He feeds hi pet normal food and it was natural that he came out so big. Hercules is now three years old and is very dear to his owner. These bizarre shaped creatures will surely make you wonder and curious so much so that you would want to see them once to feel their extraordinary size and shape.]]>


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