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Encourage your children to concentrate on studies and do well academically

Kids may not understand that it is important to go to school and study hard. Their world is entirely different from your world. Watching TV and playing with their toys means the world to them. Parent may have to be a little innovative to motivate young children to do their homework and help them develop a positive attitude towards school. Let us have a look at a few tips:

Incorporate a play and learn policy

Kids may dislike or even hate the whole idea of studying as they find it boring. They hardly get a moment to laugh and jump all over the place when they study. If parents think of innovative ideas to incorporate, pay and learn policy they may get the full support of their kids. You may have to be a child once again and find moments to make them understand but the strategy works wonders for sure.

Be there as a support

Kids try hard to make their parents happy but learning takes time and effort. Parents must know the fact that their kids do not score less marks intentionally. Go back in time and recall your own experiences. Each child has to try hard to get a grip over a subject matter. Take things easy and develop a special relationship with your kids. You are not there only to point out their mistakes but also to appreciate their efforts. Do not make them feel bad about themselves but encourage them to try their level best.

Tell them that it is all right to make mistakes

Like grownups, kids also try hard to avoid making mistakes. They find it hard to accept to accept the fact that they are making mistakes. The fear of failure goes even to the extent that they do not even try to make efforts since they use this strategy to save themselves from possible failure. It is important that you make your kids understand that it is all right to make mistakes. Tell them that each mistake gives them learning that bring them closer to success. Kids must know that mistakes and failures are helpful in learning.

Save your lectures

Parents often lecture their kids for hours even for their small mistakes. Lecturing you kids is neither helpful nor appreciable as they start ignoring it after a while. You can make them understand but should never let it sound harsh. Use a mild tone and friendly gestures without pointing out their mistakes more than once. Kids may develop a poor self-image if you keep criticizing them all the time.

Do not make assumptions

Most parents start making speculations when they find out that their kids are not doing well at studies. They even share all the possibilities with their kids. Kids get confused in one such situation and fail to focus on their studies. You cannot really tell what destiny has got in store for your kids. Help them work on their weaknesses but do not close your eyes on their strengths. Your kids may be bad at mathematics but that is not the reason to call them bad students. Focus on positive aspects and encourage them to stay focused in life.

Make them use their learning in everyday life

You can ask your kids to help your calculate the amount when you take them along with you for buying grocery. Let them read signboards and spell names of all family members. This exercise helps them exercise the knowledge they acquire at school and they get to know the practical importance of what they learn in regular life. Tell them that learning makes your life easy and worth living.

Kids may find it difficult to relate learning with everyday life events as their world is limited to their toys and video games. Parents must make them aware that learning and education makes help them not only to get a source of income but also to upgrade their lives.

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