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The most gifted little wonders of the world

<![CDATA[The great scientist Albert Einstein was once reported quoting, “Every child is born a genius.” However, some children with their incredible creativity and high imagination power appear to be extremely gifted and intelligent far above the children of their age. Scroll down to know more about such “Pocket size Powerhouses” who have left nothing to make the entire world spin its head.

Ayan Qureshi – The little computer wizard


Image Source : I1.Tribune.Com.Pk

Born in Pakistan in 2009, Ayan is the son of Asim Qureshi (an IT consultant). What is more astounding about this little wonder is that, he is now the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world after passing the respective test at Birmingham City University at a tender age of 5.

Ayan used to keenly watch his dad working on his computer. Looking as his interest in the machine, his father trained him further to know more operational skills. Every day Ayan spends 2 hours learning about the Operating System and program installation. He owns a personal computer network at his home in Coventry and plans to set up a UK based tech hub similar to that of the Silicon Valley in America.

Elaina Smith – The Agony Aunt

Image Source : TheSun.Co.Uk

Could you ever imagine a 7-year-old school going girl advising you on how to deal with your tough times in life? This cute little girl has turned out to be Britain’s youngest “consultant queen”. It was just another day when Elaina was getting ready for the school while the radio being played at her house. The presenter asked for people’s advice for a woman who was being dumped.

Elaina wished to call the radio station and what she said was enough to surprise her mother and the listeners. Elaina suggested the woman to grab the girls, go bowling and drink a mug of milk. This smart and straight forward attitude of the girl was appreciated so much so that Merina FM, the local radio station offered her a weekly breakfast slot. Elaina now helps people on each and every problem, right from dating to break-up to dealing with brothers.

Sherwyn Sarabi – The IQ Prodigy


Image Source : Cdn.Images.Express.Co.Uk

Every parent is eager and excited to hear the first few words from their child. But what about parents whose children speak complete sentences at just 2 years of age? For this, you must talk to the parents of Sherwyn Sarabi, the wonder boy with an IQ equal to that of intellectual giants Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking.

Sarabi with the highest possible IQ of 160, was been made a member of Mensa at 3 years of age. Sherwyn’s psychologist, Dr. Peter Congdon describes him as a child with a superior intelligence, amazing vocabulary and mesmerizing social skills, which are far developed than children of his age group.

Aelita Andre – The Pee-Wee Picasso


Image Source : Resources2.News.Com.Au

The 8 year old, painting prodigy, Aelita Andre is an Australian angel with an amazing ability to paint extraordinarily brilliant pictures. Her paintings are fascinating so much so that she’s being compared to the great Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock. Her incredible and innovative abstract art has gained her nicknames such as “Wonder-kid”, “Pee-Wee Picasso” and “Prodigy of Color”.

She first started painting at the age of just 9 monthsand her first ever painting was sold for $24,000 in Honk Kong when she turned 2. Her surrealistic painting style has been described as “wildly imaginative eruptions of color in a kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria of paint and found objects.”

Akrit Jaswal – Indias’s First Child Surgeon


Image Source : Themedots.Com

Now 20, Akrit Jaswal left everyone speechless when at the age of 7 he performed a surgery on the hands of a girl suffering from severe burns. Akrit, later on qualifies for admission in the Chandigarh Medical University and is now taking a Master’s degree in applied chemistry. Akrit had an IQ of 146 and was able to read and write at the age of 2. Akrit is determined to find a treatment for cancer.

Ethan Bortnick – The Wonder Boy


Image Source : A.AbcNews.Com

Ethan Bortnick is the amazing wonder boy who became a pianist, composer, songwriter and performer, all at the age of 5. Ethan is a pure delight to watch and has appeared on famous TV shows such as the “Oprah Winfrey Show”, “Good Morning America”, “The Martha Stewart Show” and others. He has been awarded by the Youngest Solo Musician in the World title to head his personal tour.

With their unmatched talent and ability, these little wonders are surely going to be leading lights of the smarter Gen-Next.]]>


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