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14 Ways to focus on the adopted child’s culture

Adoption benefits everyone in the adoption triad, as deciding to adopt a child is a life altering experience for birth parents, the child, and adoptive parents. Earlier, not many people supported the idea of cross-culture adoption, but the society has undergone a vast change. The hesitation which used to be there while adopting a child from some other culture has vanished. However, there are a few challenges, which you’ll be facing while raising your adoptive child. But the conditions will become much easier if you make yourself familiar with the culture of your child. Here are a few ideas and tips to help you get started on this wonderful growing experience.

1. Celebrating holidays

Celebrating holidays that have an importance in the culture of your adopted child is an effective way of focusing on your adopted child’s culture. You need to find out those holidays, which are considered to be significant in your child’s culture and celebrate them in a similar fashion. This way you’ll find yourself much closer to your child.

2. Maps of the country to which your child belongs

You can display the flag and the map of the country to which your child belongs in his/her room. You can even provide your child with a collection of dolls in traditional dresses, something which he or she used to see every day.

3. Playing games

You must play games with your child, which are native to his/her country. Playing such sort of games will not only provide you an opportunity to make your bond stronger with your child, but also is a wonderful way to learn.

4. Bedtime stories

Make yourself aware with some bedtime stories that are very popular in his/her culture. Read these stories and folk tales common to his/her area while going to sleep. Bedtime stories are a great way of making your bond stronger with your child.

5. Picture book

You can even try making a picture book for your child. This picture book may contain the animals, which are found in his/her country. You need to learn about some animals from your child’s country. Cut the pictures of these animals from magazines or you can even draw them by your own. Your child can even create his/her own picture books. This will be a fun activity, both for you and your child.

6. Join a group of adoptive families

Next thing that you can do is to join a group of families who have adopted children from your child’s country as well. This will provide you an opportunity to learn new things about the culture of your child. Also, your child will enjoy the company of other children who are also from the same country.

7. Family vacations

A family trip back to your child’s country or homeland will give you an ample opportunity to make yourself familiar with your child’s culture. Your child will also definitely enjoy this family vacation. The time which you spend with your child during the vacation will make your family bond stronger than ever.

8. Special dinner

Plan a special dinner with your child once in a month. Try to figure out the traditional meals in your child’s culture and have them with your child once in while. This will definitely help your child to get over the “out of place” feeling. Also, you’ll get an opportunity to enjoy some delicious cuisines.

9. Learn your child’s native language

Language acts as the greatest barrier between you and your adopted child. It is not only your child’s responsibility to make himself/herself familiar with your language, even you need to learn his/her language. Talking with him/her in his/her native language will definitely make him/her much more comfortable, also he or she will get to know how much you are willing to make bond with him.

10. Take the help of dolls and other toys

Children are very affectionate towards their toys, specially dolls. You can take the help of the internet to learn about the traditional dolls and other details about them like their pictures, their dresses, stories associated with them, and how they must be made. Use all these details to make dolls by your own and give it as presents to your child. He/she will certainly love them.

11. Crafts and other traditional symbols

You need to make crafts and other traditional symbols, which your child used to see everyday in his/her homeland. Learn about the basics required for making these crafts. You can take the help of those people who belong to the same country as your child.

12. Songs

Children often enjoy singing before bedtime, so you must even consider learning a few songs, which are popular among the children from your child’s homeland. Sing these songs along with your child during nap and quiet times. You can even try playing music that is popular in the homeland of your child.

13. Make a book about his/her country

Consider making a book for your child about his/her country. This book may contain the map of the country, pictures of the leaders, pictures of the flag and common animals and birds. Take the help of your child while making this book.

14. Visit museums and libraries

If you want to have a closer insight into the culture of your child, then make a visit to museums and libraries. There you can learn a lot about your child’s birth country.

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