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14 Bottlefeeding essentials

When it comes to feeding a newborn baby, you can either opt for breast feeding or else can also try bottle feeding. If you choose the option of bottle feeding, then it is essential that you keep in mind many important factors. Right from the bottle chosen for feeding, to the formula used, you will have to ensure that everything is just perfect. Read on to know more about the important factors that should be considered while bottle feeding your baby.

1. Choose the bottle

In order to make the feeding experience a pleasant one for the baby, it is necessary that you choose the right kind of feeding bottle. The bottles are available in a number of shapes and sizes, with some of them having vents and disposable liners. You can change the bottles until you find one which your baby is most comfortable with. It is also advised that you choose a bottle with a grip, so that your baby will find it easy to hold on to it.

2. Selection of nipples

Nipples for feeding bottles are available in a number of different materials. Do ensure that the one you choose agrees with your baby completely and he is able to suck onto it without any discomfort. The best nipple will allow only a gentle drip of fluid when turned upside down, ideally around 1 drip in a second.

3. Use the best formula

If you do not plan to use breast milk to feed your baby, then you can try out formulas. The formulas are available in ready to use forms and also in powdered and concentrated forms. If you find it difficult to choose from the multitude of brands that are available in the market, then you can resort to your baby’s pediatrician for help.

4. Powder Dispenser

If you use formulas in the form of powders, then measuring their exact quantity can be quite a task. To ease this process, you can make use of a powder dispenser which enables you to measure and administer the formula in a very fast manner.

5. Bottle warmer

This piece of commodity comes in handy, when you want to warm up breast milk. The bottle warmer can be used to warm the milk to a suitable temperature which is appropriate for feeding the baby and that too in a very little time.

6. Accessories for cleaning

For cleaning your baby’s feeding supplies, you can make use of a dish washer or steamer. But, even then it is recommended that you use a make you for a brush to clean the feeding bottle and nipples. This will ensure that the dust and grime that are stuck at the tight places will eventually come off, and the feeding supplies are completely sanitized.

7. Dishwasher basket

It is a common practice for one to lose feeding accessories in the washer. In order to prevent this occurrence, you can make use of a dishwasher basket, which will ensure that your feeding supplies do not get misplaced during the washing process.

8. Use a bottle sterilizer

If you are not satisfied with a steamer or dishwasher for cleaning the bottles, then you can use a bottle sterilizer. This equipment which work on electricity will ensure a quick, safe and effective cleaning of bottles.

9. Bottle drying rack

It is necessary that the cleaned bottles are dried thoroughly before using them again. To ensure this, one can use a bottle drying rack, which allows you to spread out the bottles in a manner that ensures their quick and fast drying.

10. Receiving blankets

In order to keep your baby covered up and warm while feeding, you can use a receiving blanket. The blanket will also ensure that the contents of the bottle do not spill on the baby and can also be used as a lap cloth and for catching spit ups while feeding.

11. Buy plenty of burp cloths

Irrespective of the fact whether you choose breast feeding or bottle feeding, burp clothes are sure to come in handy. You can protect your clothes as well as wipe the spit ups from your baby’s chin using this commodity.

12. Bottle Carrier

This piece of accessory allows you to carry the feeding bottles anywhere and will also keep it cool and safe.

13. Transitional spouts

Does your growing up baby want to hold the feeding bottle, but is not quite ready for it? If so, you can use transitional spouts which are in between attachments that fit into the bottle, which will help your young one to hold on tightly to the bottle, without letting it slip off.

14. Relax in a rocking chair

Finally, to make the feeding time a more enjoyable one, do invest in a glider rocking chair. The gentle rocking motion of the chair will not only calm the baby, but will also help in relaxing your tired nerves.

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