Unusual modern sofa designs for unique homes

Sofas are definitely an integral part of your living room. However, not everyone is satisfied with the idea of having regular and normal stuff in their house and so we have came out with some of the most unusual sofas for the modern day houses. If you want to stand out of the ordinary, then try bringing one of these into your living room.

1. Skin Sofa

Skin sofa

Skin Sofa follows the path of simplicity and innovation and has been designed by a French architect, Jean Nouve. The supporting structure of this sofa is a tubular pretensioned steel whose function is to hold another structural element of this sofa which is the double sided leather. It is very easy to move this sofa from one place to another and you can do this without anyone’s help.

2. Phantom couch

Phantom couch

The design of this couch is quite interesting as in the first sight it may appear that this couch has been made from a broken bathtub. The body of this couch is a sheet of milky PMMA which is luminescent and colorful. This sheet rests on a tubular framework made form chromed steel. However, if you are in the habit of hiding your stuff in between the large pieces of furniture, then phantom couch is definitely not for you.

3. Accelerator sofa

Accelerator sofa

This sofa truly belongs to the futuristic furniture concepts and has been designed by Danish designer, Phillip Grass. As the name suggests, accelerator sofa draws inspiration from some of the speed giants, for instance the seat appears like the grown up version of a race car bed and the armrests are shaped in the form of jet engines. Right now, this sofa is at the concept stage only, but soon you will be able to see this for real.

4. East meet West

East meet West

Tonio de Roover is the designer of this masterpiece. This sofa is a perfect blend of the eastern and the western culture, that is why it is named so. The wood and the inox support is the trademark of western design whereas the Persian rug resting on this supports definitely belongs to the eastern world. However, when the comfort factor is taken into consideration, this sofa certainly lags behind.

5. Pixel sofa

Pixel couch

This sofa is a combined effort of a Royal College of Art Graduate, Christian Zuzunaga and Danish manufacturer, Kvadrat. Christian came out with the concept of this sofa whereas Kvadrat is credited with the designing of the fabric. The wide spectrum of colors is sure to grab everyone’s attention. This one is going to be very popular, especially among the tech nerds and designers who are a regular user of computers.

6. Feel Seating System

Feel seating system

Because of its unusual shape not many people will be able to recognize it as a sofa in the first glance, and this unusual shape makes it really cool. The design of the Feel Seating System is inspired by the molecular structure of matter. A total of 120 sofa balls are used for making it. This sofa is sure to draw the attention of those who are playful as they can use it in many creative ways.

7. Hollywood Stardom Sofa

Hollywood stardom sofa

If you want to bring a little Hollywood glamor into your living room, then this one is certainly for you as this shimmery silver sofa definitely makes you feel like a star. Its not that only looks have been taken into consideration while designing this sofa, comfort factor has also been given due importance. On one hand its clean cut and modern square looks makes its appear trendy and stylish whereas on the other hand the four over-sized and soft silver pillows takes care of your comfort.

8. Smart sofa

Smart sofa

This one is rightly termed as smart sofa as it not only just looks great but also it can be used in several ways, in other words smart sofa is multifunctional. This sofa can be easily converted into a bunk bed. Also, it comes with integrated supporting ladder and protection guard because of which you can sleep peacefully on the top bed.

9. Volant sofa

Volant sofa

The whole collection consists of the sofa, chair, armchair and a stool. The structure designed by Patricia Urquiola is basic and self sufficient. The frame of the base is in the form of a trapezium (sometimes it may appear orthogonal) so that it can adapt itself according to the line of back and seat. The seat elements may seem flat but they have curved sections which provide extreme comfort.

10. Aston Martin DB6 couch

Aston Martin DB6 couch

Aston Martin Heritage Designs have presented this couch exclusively for those who love their Aston Martin and want to have a piece of it in their house. The makers have tried to create an exact replica of the original Aston DB6 rear end. This is a limited edition of sofa range and you definitely need to hurry if you want to have one in your living room.

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