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10 hi-tech dishwashers to ensure clean dishes

In our daily life technology plays an important role; it makes our life easy. At the end of a hectic day you often feel lazy to wash dishes, there a dishwasher comes to our rescue. But, while buying a dishwasher it is not only about how it cleans the dishes, but also about how much electricity and water it saves as they are very precious resources and you really cannot imagine life without water and energy. Here is a list of top 10 dishwashers that you would like to have in your kitchen.

1. Mural dishwasher

Mural Dishwasher

This is a real future gadget! This dishwasher can also be used as a storage place to store your dishes. Though it is a little oversized, it is often camouflaged as a cupboard for your dishes. It also combines cabinets to store other tableware such as bowls and containers. You just drop your dirty dishes inside and it cleans autonomously.

2. Gota dishwasher

Gota dishwasher

This dish washer is a cute, little and a compact one. It is suitable for small families. If you see this Gota dishwasher you will not even expect it to be a dish washer as it looks just like a large sized remote control car and yet it can do all the functions a large one can do. It is extremely eco-friendly. It has a unique pre-wash cycle which steams up the dishes and recycles the cooled down left over water for the next cycle. It is so compact that it can even fit on your kitchen platform. Gota’s body is made of ABS poly carbonate which can store enough water for a whole round of cleaning. It can hold 6 dishes and 6 glasses along with some cutlery.

3. Dehumidifying dishwashersDehumidifying Dishwashers Dishwashers consume a lot of energy but dehumidifying dish washers such as Siemens Zeolith are an exception. They save time and energy. This dishwasher contains about three pounds of minerals known as Zeolites which absorb the moisture from the surrounding air and heats it up along with the water in the wet cycle. In the dry cycle Zeolites discharge their stored up energy and also collects more moisture from the air inside the machine. The moisture in the Zeolites stay until he next wash.

4. Steam dishwashersSteam dishwasher Chemical-free and water conserving dish washers such as eco-friendly steam dishwasher are great for places which have water scarcity. Surprisingly this little dishwasher consumes 35% less water when compared to the water we consume in hand washing. Steam washing is eco-friendly and is a practical substitute to the ozone depleting and toxic solvents. Steam washing gives us a safer environment, less emissions and biodegradable waste unlike other dish washers that use ozone diminishing solvents. This dishwasher heats up water and collects the steam, then uses this pressurised steam to clean the plates. Clean water used in steaming and rinsing is collected for reuse whereas dirty water is discarded through an outlet.

5. Bubble ultrasonic dishwasherBubble ultrasonic dishwasher This dishwasher, unlike other dishwashers is a small ball like structure with pores all over it. Wondering how it works? Well, it is very easy; just block your sink, fill it with water up to the brim and submerge it in the water along with the dishes, plates and glasses that need a wash, and when the LED indicator turns green, the job is done. It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery and three different types of washing. It exempts you from the messy job of washing. Great, isn’t it?

6. Electrolux Bifoliate double dishwasherElectrolux Bifoliate Double Dishwasher Forget putting dishes in their own place with this dish washer! This dishwasher is meant for big families or places where they always have a large number of people around. There are two compartments in this dish washer; just place the dishes in one of them and then just forget it. No washing, no scrubbing and no putting the dishes back into its places. It saves your energy, time and of course, storage place. This ultra sonic dishwasher has several water sprayers inside it and the racks in which the dishes are kept, vibrates to finish the job off.

7. Ultrasonic portable dishwasherUltrasonic portable dishwasher This dish washer is extremely water conservative. Just imagine this cool ultrasonic portable dishwasher by Electrolux uses just a glass of water to wash the utensils per month. If you are looking for a highly classy, innovative and eco-friendly product, this is the one for you. It is an ultra sonic dishwasher so you do not have to worry about dirty dishes while guests are coming. It is fast and is first-class for places with acute water scarcity. This dishwasher cannot be attached to a tap, so you have to pour a glass of water in to it and you will easily have a month of nice and clean dishes.

8. Mini dishwasherMini dishwasher This little mini dish washer never wastes a single drop. It is small and suitable for those who live in small apartments. What is more, this counter top dish washer cleans the dishes using enzymes. Wondering how it cleans? First it breaks down biodegradable substances into water soluble waste and cleans them thoroughly. Its ability to recycle water within itself makes sure that it uses water efficiently. It is an eco friendly and a classy model that you would surely love to have in your kitchen.

9. Electrolux Real Life dishwasherElectrolux Real Life Dishwasher Electrolux Real Life dishwasher is exquisitely crafted for the 21st century customers. This dishwasher offers you a good capacity with the least possible use of water and energy. Electrolux Real Life dishwashers cleans all types of utensils in all shapes and sizes, which most of the dish washers are unable to do. This dish washer is the most flexible and spacious dishwasher ever. It comes with a 4 cm high XXL tub which gives you the largest space to load your dishes. You can dump the whole thing into the dish washer without thinking twice, you don’t have to put them in separate racks and you neither have to dry the dishes, the active drying technology dries it for you.

10. FAGOR BRANDT’s dishwasherFAGOR BRANDT’s dishwasherThis dish washer reduces the number of manipulation when washing the dishes and offers a enhanced position, hence, more user friendly. It is space saving and if placed properly it gives your kitchen a smart look.

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