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10 geekiest coffee tables for your living room

geeky coffee tables

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee if your coffee table is really stylish and different. It’s the centerpiece of your living room and a conversation starter too. If you are a gadget-freak who would like to have everything geeky inside your home, what could be better than a geeky coffee table to show your passion. Here are some of the geekiest coffee tables that would add fun and excitement to any living room.

• NES coffee table
nes coffee table

The NES coffee table is designed by Kyle Downes. Call it a controller or a coffee table, the geeky furniture is truly remarkable. The tall clear rubber stoppers are stuck on the glass which prevents the table from being damaged.

• Periodic coffee table
periodic table
The periodic table is an awesome masterpiece for all those who are keen on learning the periodic table, which has always been a hard task for me. The table features 92 natural elements and the man-made elements. The table is made from acrylic and is tarnish protected, and the price ranges from $40 to $8,550.

• iPhone coffee table
iphone table 1
The teamwork of Tuan Nguyen, Ken Thomas and their associates have come up with the iPhone table. The table takes its inspiration from the iPhone and is designed just like the iPhone. Made from corrugate, the table features removable and built-in coasters. The table is a piece of furniture which gives your centerpiece a new meaning.

• Scratch DJ coffee table
scratch dj coffee table
The DJ coffee table by Bughouse is an ideal pick for all those who are enthralled by music. The furniture gives the appearance of a DJ table though it cannot be played. The table is dressed with glass top protected knotty pine laminate and rests on a brushed chrome legs. The table is economical enough to for your pockets, as it is priced at $850.

• Pacman coffee table
pacman game table
The Pac-Man coffee table is an ideal pick for all the game freaks and geeky nerds. Designed by Erin McFadden, the table is made for top game collector Syd Bolton. The geeky table illustrates the game screen on one half and Mr. Pac-Man taking over the other half of the table. The table with its cool appearance takes you to the gaming world and gives a fresh look to your furniture.

• Arcade coffee table
arcade coffee table2
The table features a 19-inch LCD display with a dual core Shuttle PC, an integrated USB and HDMI. In addition, the table is also accompanied by built-in speakers and set of arcade joysticks concealed inside. The price of the table goes around $4,000 to $4,900 depending on if the table has a PC inside it.

• ROSIE coffee table
rosie coffee table
The ROSIE coffee table from Savant is a touch interactive table which can prove to be a superior addition for your habitat. The interactive table is based around OS X, and also includes 500GB of internal storage, 2GB – 4GB of RAM, and no user-accessible optical drive. Priced at $35,000, the table appears to be heavy on the pocket.

• Retro-Tech Coffee table
retro tech coffee table
To add a techie facade to your home, the Retro-tech has designed a geeky coffee table which gives your living space the techie appeal. The table features a touchscreen display, a built-in Blu-ray drive, a HDTV connection and the ability to navigate using a Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard combo. The table is dressed in a dreary black color and the toughened top glass prevents the screen from scratches and blows.

• Interactive LED coffee table
interactive ledd coffee table
The ingenious masterpiece is embedded with the LED which reacts when some movement take place. The table is made from FCS sustainable high-quality, zero-formaldehyde and maple plywood. The table is finished with durable Ultra Low VOC water-based lacquer, which makes it ecological furniture. The table uses 35 watts to light and is soft enough in the dark light and bright in the full sunlight.

• iPod coffee table
ipod coffee tablr
The iPod coffee table is designed by iLounger Ashley Burrows for his A-level Design Technology project. Made from a square frame which is built out of pine, the table gives an elegant appearance to any dreary room with its iPod look. The table is designed with the headphones which are made from two separate pieces of pine on the wood.

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