Taking your path to health by allowing your body to detox naturally

Detoxing is necessary to purify the body, getting rid of the contaminants from the body will help you rejuvenate. In fact, detoxification has a host of advantages ranging from improving your immune system to memory.

Drink and pill based detoxification can wreak havoc on your body. Research shows that these have more ill effects on the body than benefits. Natural food based detox methods are the best for the overall health of the body.

Boost your digestion

The root cause of a number of diseases is the bad digestive system of your body. The simplest way to keep it healthy is to avoid gluten, sugar and caffeine based foods. When you reduce the intake of these foods, you will naturally crave for healthy foods. To boost your energy levels work on improving your digestive system.

No need to fast

For the body to get rid of the toxins, a balanced and a planned diet are important. There is absolutely no need to fast and starve yourself. Your hunger pangs will ultimately lead you into eating more. Eat food that will digest easily and let your body detoxify on its own. Fresh fruits and veggies, beans, gluten free whole grains, nuts, seeds, organic chicken and eggs are some healthy foods to give you a better health.

Mindfulness diet

Eating with awareness and eating slowly can work wonders on your health. When you eat absent-mindedly, you tend to eat more, which causes a number of problems from obesity to headaches.

Research shows that when we start to eat, a hormone is released in the body, after about 20 minutes that informs the brain about when we are full. When you eat slowly, this hormone secretes and your brain understands and signals to stop eating.

A mindfulness diet does not restrict your eating; you just need to eat with awareness. Take small gaps in between your meal to slow down the process. The technique has been inspired by Vipassana, an ancient Buddhist meditation form. In this, one needs to focus on the breath or the body actions, feelings and thoughts.

Eliminate stress

Stress is said to be one of the greatest cause of all illness. Stress can intensify any sort of illness. You can get rid of stress with the help of yoga and meditation. This would cleanse your mind and make you feel better. The body will automatically remove contaminants when the mind is stress-free.

Follow these easy tips to purify your body and mind and enjoy a healthy life. Extreme eating and extreme dieting will hamper the immune system of your body.

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