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Dr Prem’s Health First Magazine Vol. 5 Health, Wellness & Inspiration Health, Wellness and Inspiration issues of Health First Magazine focuses on comprehensive approach for improving Mind Body and Soul. The health section provides maintenance […]


Selective list of Testimonials, Reommendation, Appreciation and Acknowledgments:   “I had the pleasure to know and work with Dr. Prem who is a qualified executive professional with an experience in the management and strategic consultancy.

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<![CDATA[ Healthcare Insurance Fraud – An Insight Dr Prem to conduct Medical Tourism Training & Certificate program in Mumbai, India Expert’s Take on Ecotourism and Wellness Tourism Investing in healthcare in difficult economy – A

  Health First magazine is a one of its kind magazine and marks a special place in global health journal marketplace. This magazine features news articles and special features related to medical world and latest

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Medical tourism is the direct product of the widespread globalization of healthcare. The increased integration of global economies and cultures has resulted in the extensive circulation of products and services between countries. Several industries, including


“An alliance is a lot like a marriage.  There may be no formal contract.  There is no buying and selling of equity.  There are few, if any, rigidly binding provisions.  It is a loose, evolving

How does Global Healthcare differ from Medical Tourism? Medical Tourism is direct result of globalization of healthcare, hence medical tourism is merely a part of Global Healthcare. Often many a time Medical Tourism is replaced

telemarketing is changing the healthcare landscape

Expert’s Take on Ecotourism and Wellness Tourism Investing in healthcare in difficult economy – A Recession proof opportunity of all time Sustainability in healthcare: A step towards green revolution Global Healthcare Refroms Tips to Cope

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