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Medical Tourism Destinations

focuses specifically on the top 50 destinations that act as medical tourism hubs around the world. Based on an extensive research survey conducted by Dr.Prem Jagyasi, 50 key countries were established as being the most popular medical tourism destinations. This destination guide will assist medical tourists in selecting the ideal destination to avail medical services.


The top medical destinations are presented with the necessary information any tourist would need prior to making their decision. The medical tourism destinations listed are classified into three sections: Indicators (in order to make comparison between medical destinations), Tourism-related facts (regarding the location, climate and events) and Medical Tourism/Healthcare information (quality of healthcare and the healthcare system in the country).

Reasons Why APAC Countries Are Most Favored For Dental Tourism

Flying overseas for dental treatment may sound crazy but this has been the reality past few years. The rising trend Dental tourism or Dental vacation is contributing significantly in the colossal growth global medical tourism.With great breakthroughs in cosmetic and ...

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Favored Destinations of Chinese Medical Tourists

Many wealthy Chinese are going abroad for their medical procedures, in a bid to avoid the noisy and over-crowded hospitals in mainland China. The factors influencing their decision is the specialist treatments available abroad and the cost, which they can ...

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What You Need To Know About In Sex Change Surgery In India 

There are so many transgender people walking among us that we hardly realize. These are physically and emotionally dissatisfied human beings having their souls trapped inside a wrong body. They have a sex defined by their physical structure which they ...

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Colombia Continues Its Honeymoon With Medical Tourism

Despite their affluence and ground breaking technological advancements, countries like the US, Australia and even high profile countries from the European block fail to deliver consumer friendly medical solution packages. Treatments available in these countries are very expensive beyond the ...

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Kazakhstan’s Efforts For Medical Tourists Start Bearing Fruit

In the last couple of years Kazakhstan has made a rapid progress in medical science and in the healthcare industry inspiring a sizeable chunk of international clientele to pour into this country for healthcare solutions. Noteworthy advancements have been made ...

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Things That Make South Korea A Hot Plastic Surgery Destination

The rising popularity of Korean plastic surgery has taken the world by storm. The concept of innovative cosmetic surgery procedures practiced in South Korea has brought about sweeping changes in the global domain of plastic surgery.If you take a walk along ...

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How Bariatric surgery facilities in India promote medical tourism

Obesity is perhaps one of the fast spreading health disorders gripping every nation, specially the affluent ones with a menace coming from more than a single quarter. This dreadful disease would turn into one of the chief causes of a ...

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Dr Prem and Associate Medical Tourism Consultancy Services

Dr Prem and associates based in 35+ countries provide comprehensive medial tourism consultancy services to governments, hospitals, clinics, health providers, facilitators and medical tourism stakeholders. Dr Prem and team have worked across the globe with over 150 international companies. Please contact us today for more details.

Medical Tourism Consultancy Services

  • Medical Tourism healthcare provider consultancy services
  • Medical Tourism Destination Branding Consultancy
  • Medical Tourism Relationship Management Services
  • International Patient Department and Quality of Care Consultancy Services

Medical Tourism Marketing Consultancy Services

  • Identifying, Segmenting and Targeting Potential Markets in Medical Tourism
  • Promotion services through wide network of websites, magazines and social connections
  • Medical Tourism Brand Building Services
  • Medical Tourism Knowledge Management Program.

Medical Tourism Web and Technology Services

  • Creation and development of Medical Tourism Driven websites
  • Medical Tourism Technology Development like Web app, mobile app
  • Medical Tourism SEO and Social Media Marketing Services
  • Medical Tourism Online Reputation Management Services

Medical Tourism Facilitator Consultancy Services

  • Comprehensive Medical Tourism Facilitator business planning services
  • Strategic Marketing and Relationship management services
  • Networking and Business expansion support
  • Understanding Legal, Cultural and Ethical Barriers in facilitator business
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