Asian medical tourism industry

A quick case study of the Asian medical tourism industry

Long waiting times, high costs and slow medical services are turning desperate patients towards medical tourism. Not just patients from ...

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woman doctor in white smock

Costa Ricans in USA find medical tourism alluring and right

There was a time when traveling was thought to be a luxury which only the rich and affluent could afford. ...

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picking the right clinic

Tips for picking the right clinic for medical tourism reasons

With millions of patients traveling abroad for getting low cost medical treatments, medical tourism has turned into a billion dollar ...

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medical doctor

Will India’s visa relaxation for SAARC country based medical tourism be a boon?

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has made it easier for all the SAARC country citizens to travel to India. The ...

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Indian doctor giving drugs to patient

USA wants China to be more accepting towards outbound medical tourists

In the recent years, a considerable number of Chinese patients have traveled abroad, particularly to the US, for healthcare. The ...

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lady treatment (1)

Tips to help with solid pre-travel planning and transferring medical reports

Traveling abroad for medical treatment is a global phenomenon. With the rising costs of healthcare in many countries, an ever ...

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young caucasian woman receiving an injection of botox from a doctor

Getting things right: Destination enquiries, family history, and check-ups

When finalizing your medical travel, you should get in touch with the hospital where your pre-op consultations will be located ...

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Happy doctor with drug and patient on bed at clinic

Smart decision making is about choosing a professional over a quick fix quack

The growth in medical tourism has not only brought quality healthcare services to millions, but has also given professionals a ...

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Medical Tourism Update


Telemedicine is a technological boon for the medical tourist

A medical tourist should learn more about the healthcare structure of your destination country and the kind of facilities that ...

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medical tourism focus

Seeing the future of healthcare with a medical tourism focus

With advantages like cheaper costs, world-class services, alternative therapies, well-qualified doctors, medical tourism is the future of global healthcare. An ...

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running the 21st century

Medical tourism is running the 21st century show in the developing world

The medical tour offers cost saving, better accessibility to treatment, and having fun at a tourist destination that would otherwise ...

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Ayurveda _v

Health Tourism a growing phenomenon under the encouraging shade of Medical Tourism

Health tourism is a segment that has boomed along with medical tourism. Some may consider both terms interchangeable and synonymous ...

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Medical Tourism Guide Book

Depressed Teenage Female Patient Lying In Hospital Bed

A medical tourism facilitator can be an indispensable gem for your journey

There has been a significant increase in the number of medical travel companies over the last few years, which aim ...

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body treatment (3)

Making an educated choice: Troubles that could come with a facilitator

You should be careful when selecting a facilitator In order to avoid any complications during your medical journey, you should ...

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services of a facilitator  (3)

Knowing your priorities and using services of a facilitator to achieve the ends

It is very important that all the medical travel facilitators should have a clear understanding of medical procedures. Before they ...

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young african nurse comforting female patient

Medical tourists must take extra care for protection against infections

One of the most common illnesses medical travelers face is the traveler’s diarrhea and the major reasons for this ailment ...

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Medical Tourism Destinations

communication with the physician (1)

Documents and miscellaneous factors that come in handy at the medical destination

Passport and visa Besides the flight arrangements, you need to consider several other important things when booking your flight. Your ...

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Nigeria as a medical tourism destination

Could Nigeria emerge as a serious medical tourism destination?

Nigeria will have to go a long way for establishing its claim as a medical tourism destination. At present, even ...

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cosmetic treatment

Think ahead to choose a location that makes follow-up care easily accessible

The location of the treatment facility When choosing a hospital overseas for your medical treatment, you should ask yourself some ...

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Hair Transplant (2)

Turkey becomes preferred destination for Hair Transplants

Medical tourism is at its peak nowadays with millions of patients traveling across borders to get treated in foreign destinations. ...

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Medical Tourism Procedure Guide

young caucasian woman receiving an injection of botox from a doctor

Getting things right: Destination enquiries, family history, and check-ups

When finalizing your medical travel, you should get in touch with the hospital where your pre-op consultations will be located ...

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medical tourism through facilitators

Finding guidance for medical tourism through facilitators

In recent years, the concept of medical tourism has gained a lot of popularity, owing to which there has been ...

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Transparency is the key factor in the growth of medical tourism

With the world becoming a global village and the advent of modern technologies, medical tourism industry is blooming and has ...

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Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) – Common Medical Tourism Procedures

Definition: Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is an in vitro procedure that is usually performed to treat male fertility problems.   A ...

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Medical Tourism Research


How can medical tourism save public healthcare-wary Americans from Obamacare

For a better part of the last 100 years, the US has been at the forefront of the capitalist world. ...

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How Medical Tourism supports a country’s economy

The rise in medical tourism has created a financial backup for several economies, thus helping to boost them up. A ...

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How to select the best medical tourism destination for you

Many patients, who do not find appropriate medical treatment in their own countries or simply cannot afford it, prefer to ...

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Nigerians spend more than N120 Billion on medical tours abroad, claims NMA chief

Nigerian elite class and the countries have been notorious for seeking medical treatments abroad for quite some time. even though ...

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Understanding Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a blessing

Medical tourism is a blessing for the destination and the travelers

Medical tourism has emerged as one of the most promising global industries by successfully combining tourism with medical care facilities. ...

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Wellness Tourism

Decoding the operations of Wellness Tourism in the larger Medical Tourism industry

As fitness does not merely mean your ability to run a marathon with ease, wellness tends to go beyond perfect ...

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know medical tourism

Getting to know medical tourism, and what makes it important

Medical Tourism is quite a self-defining term. To explain it broadly before we go into specifics, medical tourism means traveling ...

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Never underestimate communication and arrangements in medical travel

While the major responsibility of a medical facility should be to provide excellent healthcare services to the patients, many hospitals ...

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Understanding Cost of Medical Tourism

Funds for Medical Coverage

How does medical tourism reduce a patient’s cost?

Medical tourism is a term that is slowly gaining a lot of prominence in today’s age. While many doubted the ...

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Cost of companion expenses when budgeting for medical tourism

Did you forget to calculate the costs of having your companion escort you? Your travel companion will incur almost all ...

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Cost of travel and air ambulance insurance when budgeting for medical tourism

The travel insurance is very important to carry while you travel, as it can protect you from unforeseen expenses in ...

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Budgeting for unexpected expenses during medical tourism

Since the element of surprise is inherent in any vacation, it might be beneficial to keep ‘emergency funds’ in store ...

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Evaluating quality of healthcare facility


Factors and facilities that matter when evaluating a hospital

How can a patient evaluate the quality of a hospital?  Although accreditation proves the quality of healthcare delivered to patients ...

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Breast plastic surgery female doctor examination

Canada will remain committed to citizens over medical tourists

Medical tourism is now a multi-billion dollar industry and it is growing at top speed. Long waiting time, lack of ...

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medical tourism activities (3)

Competition and personalized service shape medical tourism as it comes of age

Sometimes, saving money or getting better quality healthcare is not enough for patients. They look for something more that can ...

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fully integrated facility

A fully integrated facility with a good reputation is exactly what the doctor ordered

Go for a fully integrated healthcare facility When choosing the right hospital, give preference to a healthcare facility that has ...

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