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Smart appliances that love your kitchen – and automation

Smart appliances not only make work easier in kitchen, but also offer hassle-free cooking experience.Making our life easier, faster and ...

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Klikr makes your smartphone the lord of your electronic devices

In digital era, all of us are dependent on mobile technology that can be easily controlled at touch of button ...

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Smart devices that keep a check on your health at home

Over the past decades, revolution in technology has drastically changed the aspect of our everyday life. The health sector is ...

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6 Smart home systems that can be very helpful for the elderly

Smart home systems have changed the way we lead our lives and have great potential to pave the way for ...

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5 New home automation products that make the home smart(er)

Home automation systems have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, what with more and more homeowners ...

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6 Innovative open source solutions that make home automation simple and easy

Not many of us have the budget to afford home automation on a grand scale. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean ...

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7 Smart lights for a modernistic connected home

Smart lights have become a mainstay in many homes which prefer automated home systems these days. In addition to being ...

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5 Smart home gadgets that make your home a safer place

Smart home gadgets are becoming quite popular around the world today. A lot of homes have opted to install these ...

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5 New smart plug systems for smoother control and greater peace of mind

Plug systems are becoming very popular in many households today thanks to the myriad versatile features that come with them. ...

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DIY Projects that make home automation simpler

Many consider home automation to be a very complex task, and to an extent it is complex. However, there are ...

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Smart home technologies inspired by Hollywood

The number of homes opting for smart technologies is on the rise these days. While many may argue that these ...

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Smart bathroom gadgets you must take home

Bathrooms for many are not a priority when it comes to splurging money on gadgets for a smart home. Probably, ...

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