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Xbox 720: Microsoft’s new gaming venture

Xbox came a long way from 15th November 2001 when it was first invented. Being Microsoft’s first attempt into the gaming industry, it gained huge popularity from the beginning itself. Competing with the big names like Sony’s PlayStation and Sega’s Dreamcast from the day of its first launch, it stayed ahead in the competition with its unique feature to play games online through the Xbox Live. The original Xbox was discontinued by Microsoft. Xbox 360 is a more updated version of the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 was available in two models: the Xbox 360 package and the Xbox 360 Core. Later, the Xbox 360 core was replaced by the Xbox 360 Archade. These models were discontinued by Microsoft for various reasons. Now rumors have come up with a new advanced Xbox 720, which is expected to hit the market very soon. Before giving all the detailed rumors about the new updated Xbox, let us first review the older version which is still in use, that is Xbox 360.

Xbox 360

There would be played hundreds of games in the Xbox 360, which were the AirForce Delta Storm, APEX, Avatar the Last Airbender, Barbie Horse Adventures, Batman Begins, Big Mutha Truckers, Final Fight Streetwise, Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers, Godzilla®: Destroy All Monsters Melee etc. This console is packed with many features and comes with a memory of 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700 MHz and with a graphics of 500 MHz ATI Xenos. There are various models of Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 S is marketed under the Xbox 360 and has the same console and hardware as of Xbox 360.Though it had new internal features, the next marketed model was the Xbox 360 250gb, the Xbox 360 4gb and also the Xbox 360 320gb limited editions. There were some problems with the Xbox 360, which was the flickering red light flashing on the console. The problem was so common that it was nicknamed as “the red ring of death”.

Xbox 720

Microsoft claims that the new Xbox is just an experimental project, but it fits the features well as being double of the Xbox 360. Rumors have surfaced that Microsoft may change the name of their gaming console to “Loop” or “Durango”. The new Xbox has to compete with the PlayStation 4 of Sony. This Xbox 720 is expected to be in the markets by 2014. But, given the market for the gaming industry, Sony PlayStation will be launched before Xbox. The neck to neck competition to grab the market will surely be an interesting thing to watch in future. Armed with 3D technology, touch technology and other superb features, people hope that the new Xbox will blow the market.

Xbox Features

The new Xbox will have to be connected to the internet at all times. The CPU is 9.08 GHz PowerPC tri core Xenon. The new CPU is rumored to be Obed, but later rumors suggested that it is not Obed but Oban. Moreover, the new Xbox will have the new operating system Windows 9 that too with ARM architecture that is the 6670 chip. Advanced features include high definition 3D, where players can play in 1080p. The console is supposed to be with a codename Loop, and will have a platform where the main processor will be followed by a number of cores which will be responsible to handle tasks like graphics, artificial intelligence, sensors , sound , networking and many more. The connectivity will be a built in Wi-Fi with a 100Mbit Ethernet. The Xbox will again be of smaller size, hence easily portable which is good enough for the all time gaming enthusiasts. The controllers will be similar to that of the 360. They are expected to be extravagant looking and smoother to handle. The display is expected to be a HD screen with surrounding buttons.

The Games

The games available on the new Xbox will be designed for the “core” gamers. It will be an ultimate gamer’s paradise having everything that a gamer may need. The new gaming interface, though highly advanced, will surely be user friendly as Microsoft always paid attention to the end users’ interest. Software development studios are also waiting for the Xbox release, and they are planning to accommodate more staff to meet the demand of the new breed of console gamers.

Xbox 720 Price

Officially, no news regarding the price of the Xbox has been announced by now. Considering the market with the PlayStation 4 on the way, Microsoft won’t keep the price too high. Prices can be same as that of the Xbox 360.

Xbox 720 Logo

The new logo for Xbox is not out yet, but a slight glimpse can be seen in the latest trailer of Red Steel, a futuristic movie. But, everyone is assuming that it will not be more that a successor of the Xbox 360.


All the gamers are eagerly waiting for the new Xbox 720. With all the speculations and rumors, we still await for the official news from Microsoft itself. Most of the rumors are based on the news leaked from the Microsoft employees’ social status updates. Xbox 720 is like the mystical Pandora’s Box which until opened, will preserve all its secrets. It is only matter of time when we can see whether gamers are shocked or surprised in Microsoft’s new invention.


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