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Understanding IVG and its amazing benefits for same sex couples

IVG benefits for same sex couples
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Innovations and technological advancements can come in handy in various ways. Assisted reproductive technology is the future, it can change many things and make it easy for people to conceive children. One of the new forms in reproductive technology is termed as IVG AKA in vitro gametogenesis. This new technique helps people to conceive children in cases like infertility, poly truples and even couples of the same sex. Let us take an in-depth look at this procedure.

Understanding the process of IVG

sperm AND EGG

This is a process, which can help in making egg cells from the sperm cells or vice versa. This means that for this particular procedure, it is not mandatory to have an egg taken out from a woman and sperms taken out from a man for artificial insemination.

This kind of artificial insemination gives couples of the same sex the opportunity to have a child of their very own without depending on anybody else. This also means that the baby is biologically 100% the child of both the individuals.

The unique process that brings a new ray of hope

This unique process has brought a new hope for the same sex couples. It gives them an opportunity to have a child of their own without depending on anybody else. Currently the success of this program is seen on mice and scientists hope that very soon the same success will be applicable to human beings.

Certain speculations about this particular process

Just like any other artificial insemination process or technique, there are many questions surrounding this new scientific breakthrough. This concept might frighten or fascinate you considering the fact that one of your family members may come out from the most unexpected place that you would have ever imagined.

Let us have a look at some of the thought shared by various experts on this front.

This is what Sonia Suter had to say about this process


Even Sonia Suter, a law Professor at Washington University shared her thoughts and found this particular procedure a more efficient and safer form in comparison to other technologies used for assisted reproduction. According to her, this brave yet complicated process goes way above the society norms and will create a completely new world for people who are trying to conceive children.

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Some other noted comments and feedback on this process

Harvard Medical School’s dean George Bailey, Harvard Law School’s professor Glenn Cohen, and Brown Universities Eli Adashi, all shared their thoughts towards the positivity of this process. IVG offers a promise with the ability of intervening against diseases along with radically advanced fertility at the pre and postembryonic stage. As much as this process offers many benefits, there are also some ethical nightmares that come along with it.

People will have the power to choose and create a child of their own, and fulfill the persuasion of having an ideal child that they always wished. However, there is a chance and a possibility that this technique, which offers a new hope, can end up having negative repercussions.

Further on, the concern that revolves around this process is the fact that multiple embryos can be created, which is troubling in itself. Apart from that, the very fact that a baby can be created through AVG may not be feasible legally or technically, considering that there are still some hurdles in terms of the economical and technical front.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of this particular process


Without a doubt, the very fact that IVG offers same sex couples a chance to have a child of their own without taking help from anybody else is no doubt a very positive and beneficial move for same sex couples. But this process may be helpful only for those who have healthy sperms. The question that arises here is what about those who do not have a healthy sperm count or have problems in reproduction.

Another factor that surrounds this process is that certain countries have certain laws pertaining to assisted reproductive process. The older successful techniques that are still available in the market are not accepted in all the countries. With the onset of this kind of a process, the reactions of people can be a little concerning especially in places where even regular healthcare services are not advanced in any form.

In some countries, same sex couples are not accepted let alone the fact that they are going to have children of their own. The simple fact of even live-in relationships is a contradictory concept to many people across the globe. Only time will really show us how well people will accept this kind of a process and let IVG become a success just like any other assisted reproductive processes or techniques.

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