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Top apps that Apple could unravel on the iPhone 6

The App Store has many fitness trackers that count the number of steps that you take, track your location, identify various activities and maintain visual history. But these apps have more or less the same features and don’t really have any form of engagement.


The Walk is an intriguing app as it adds an extra layer to the fitness trackers already out there. , it is actually aninteractive adventure game. This app comes from the makers of Run, Zombies. What it does is record all the steps that you take when you have your iPhone with you and each step unlocks more of the story.

The story of the Walk app starts with a bomb explosion in a train station and you are given a package that could save the entire world. This begins a long set of sixty five episodes, a virtual map traces all the steps that you have taken and it gradually unlocks audio bits that make the story progress. The story line has been made more intense with high production quality. What makes the app interesting is that it infuses a story with your walking routine that will make it more enticing- you can even listen to the previous episodes to figure what you nest set of objectives are.


There are tons of free apps on the App Store, so how do you figure out which are the best ones? Download the iMore App; this is anultimate, authoritative guide that tells you about the best free apps for your iPod and iPhone. Choose from an array of apps for IM’s, social networking, education, communications, finance, entertainment, health, fun and games, music, navigation, fitness, kids and general utility. This is best way to get started with apps or to search for apps that can boot the utility of your phone.

The UnRavel Me app is an easy puzzle game in which the main goal is to untie all the lines that are present in a jumble by dragging across points. Once all the points are united the level is complete, this is an easy to use app that will keep you preoccupied for hours.

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