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Thoughtback – Review

Has it ever happened that you had a wonderful thought but forgot it after a while? If you wish to recollect your unique thoughts, then you now have a quick way to do that. Thoughtback is a lifestyle app that helps users in gathering, structuring and recollecting their thoughts anytime, anywhere. Check out about the way it operates and performs.



Thoughtback is a plain and simple app that has a classic appearance. It has features to let you input your thoughts in a quick manner. All your important ideas and inspirations can be stored by this app. When you later want to be inspired by some good knowledge, this app receives a thought from your past and surprises you with a notification. You may also browse through all your previously added thoughts on a single tap of a button. Overall, this app has a lovely user interface and friendly features that execute a unique concept.


The Thoughtback app can run on any of your Android devices. It can be accessed by a device operating on Android version 2.2 and later. This app is very quick and efficient when it comes to retrieving the right information. It also retrieves ideas and thoughts that are relevant to what a user searches for. Thus, Thoughtback performs quite decently around its purpose.

Ease of use

This app is quick and simple to use. You may easily download and run it. It is also simple to change the settings and access stored information in this app. Thoughtback is like a structured and organized private journal for users.



Thoughtback is a beneficial app for people who wish to organize and manage their thoughts and ideas as soon as these occur to them. This helps them in regaining valuable knowledge at any time in future when they actually require it. The automatic notifications from this app are quite surprising at times.

Additionally, the app is helpful in storing a variety of information in varied forms, including thoughts, ideas, quotes, notes, and targets. You may actually custom-feed the data that you want to see sometime later in life. Thoughtback is a great way to get inspired.

Value for money

Since the app does not cost anything to you, it actually offers a good value on its usage. Thus, any user would find it worth trying.


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