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Technologies that took inspiration from video games

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Many of us have spent our childhood playing video games and imagining the things we could do if those fantastic video game technologies were at our disposal. Today, with huge leaps and bounds in technology, we are able to use simple game concepts and make them real. Never thought it would be so? Well, read ahead!

Britain Healing Gel

Instant recovery? Where is my Medpac! : We have all played shooter games that require you to pick medpac whenever you have been injured. Of course, we just had to walk over it in the games; in reality it would not be that easy. Scientists have made a gel that can stop bleeding instantly and can heal wounds very quickly, simply by being sprayed on the wound. When applied, the cells bind together faster speeding up the recovery process.


Track & Shoot: When we could not get the right shot at an opponent, few video games would give us the option of getting a tracking view. This would ensure that the target is aimed at better and you finally get a better shot. With the XS1, you have just that. A tracking device powered by a Linux OS, it makes the gun open fire when the targets are aligned perfectly. The device even takes into account wind speed and elevation differences.

 xm-25 rocket launcher

Controlled grenades: In certain video games, your enemy would hide behind a wall and you would not be able to hit him. In this case, you would have to program a grenade to target his exact location. That is how the XM -25 was made. The launcher shoots projectiles set to detonate near your enemy’s location. While the enemy would be safe from the direct explosion, the shrapnel would be very unforgiving. The device is being used at present by the US Special forces.

 Brian Ho

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HUD: When you play a shootout sequence, you see a heads up display with information and statistics related to gameplay. This same feature is being tested in several labs. The benefits are plenty and can be implemented with the help of technologies like Google Glass project. It would almost be such that you can view the entire battlefield from your glasses or contact lenses.

ammo counter on guns

Count your ammunition: We have seen this is tonnes of movies and action sequences, people are firing away, and all of a sudden – they’re out of ammo! Well, it is that same theory that got an ammo counter on guns. It is quite a simple device; a tiny battery powered computer is attached to the gun. It uses an accelerometer to measure the recoil of each shot and figures out how many shots you’ve taken and how many are left.

Iron Curtain

Armored vehicles: This is an absolute must on the war field. Having a tank that can take a few strong hits is vital. DARPA has created a vehicle armor system that can replicate the same behavior. It is called the Iron Curtain and uses metal plates to create electric fields to identify potential projectiles.


Instant energy: The latest drug that people are talking about is Modafinil. This helps people stay up for 40 hours without any change in mental capacity. This has been used on certain services like fighter pilots.


Character control: Being able to control a character is very important in a video game. This is becoming reality with many researches. Scientists have been able to wire up brains of rats and roaches so that they can steer them perfectly.


There are many points from the digital world that we can replicate into our real lives. It takes a tremendous amount of precision and a lot of accuracy to achieve.

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