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Take a trip to soothing world of meditation with the Calm app

Take a trip to soothing world of meditation with the Calm app
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If you are looking for something to drive you to meditate, then check out this app called Calm. Released by Calm.com, Inc., the app not only assists you in meditation, but also in relaxing and sleeping soundly. Look at its various features, benefits, performance level and quality in the following detailed review.


It is very important to have a happy mood in order to make improvement to your life and make it more positive. For this purpose, the Calm app is quite appropriate. This app has guided meditation sessions for people of all ages. You can also follow its 7-step Calm program to meditate and relax your mind. This will additionally improve your sleep quality. Thus, people with sleep problems like insomnia can highly benefit from this app.

Its guided sessions are recorded with pleasant voices that can actually make you feel relaxed. The background music also adds to its pleasant feel. In fact, you can evenuse this app during your yoga sessions. It guides you in a stepwise manner, ranging from closing your eyes to noticing your sensations.

Value for money

Since the Calm app is available for free download and use, it actually gives you complete value for your inputs. Whenever you need a quick dose of meditation, you can make use of this free app to your advantage.


The Calm app looks quite appealing and interesting. It has a soothing appearance so users actually find it calm. The app includes 2-minute to half-hour sessions of meditation, which can be followed anywhere and anytime. It also contains some scenes of nature to make your feel relaxed. You can set these scenes as backgrounds with interestingsounds.There are sounds of birds, rain, ocean waves, and other similar natural surroundings.

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You can even go for the choice of no voiceover. In this option, you cannot touch your keyboard or mouse. Else, your timer would start. This option is helpful when you require a more rigid session for your meditative practice. The Calmapp is like a breath of fresh air for people who find it difficult to focus on work or sleep properly. Overall, its wonderful interface lets you train your mind in a healthier way.


The app runs quite smoothly on your Android and Apple devices. Its website version also operates nicely on your desktop or laptop. There are minimal chances of facing any technical issues while using this app on any of your gadgets.The pictures, sounds and the soothing voice in this app make up a great combination of stimuli to make you forget your messy surroundings for a few minutes at least.

While it is not a long meditation practice, its features still help you in reviving back with a fresh mood. Whether you are in your office or sitting in your yard, the Calm app works efficiently at all places.

Ease of use

In the modern age, many people find it difficult to concentrate during their meditation sessions. For all such interested users, the Calm app comes quite handy. It makes meditation relaxing, as well as interesting in a very simple manner. The app can easily help you in cutting down your stress and gaining relief from your pains.

It simply acts on your mind to make it work quickly and efficiently. It is also very easy to download and install the app on your device. In addition, you can take a session easily for your chosen duration. Thus, you can avail its benefits at your own terms.

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