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Siri doesn’t believe in iPhone, says Lumia 900 is the best

So people have observed you talking to yourself and this scares the hell out of them. But only you know that you have been talking lately to your numero uno iPhone 4S. You can make calls, launch web, set up meeting and more with Apple’s next-gen natural language interface, Siri. Now you might think that all these features make your iPhone 4S the best phone ever, though if you may ask Siri itself you might be surprised with the answer. Yes, Siri has contrary thoughts in this regard and believes that it is not iPhone 4S but Nokia Lumia 900.

Siri doesn’t believe in iPhone says Lumia 900 is the best

The Windows fraternity didn’t miss the opportunity and commented,

We have to admit, occasionally, Siri knows what’s up.

We don’t know how Siri has affected Apple’s reputation but one thing is for sure that Siri has been able to bring up as much controversy to the whole thing that even Perez Hilton might feel shy. Surrounded with controversies last time, we heard it denied giving the location of abortion sites to users and redirected rather to pro-life health centers.

Meanwhile, the reason for Siri believing in Lumia 900 is the fact that it fetches the results from Wolfram Alpha, which ranked Lumia as number one on the basis of just five user reviews that gave it 5 out of 5. Surprisingly, iPhone doesn’t even feature in this list full of some unknown names. Siri seems like an albatross hung across Apple’s neck and only time will tell whether Apple has created something revolutionary or something it might not be able to control in the future.

Via: IntoMobile

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