Get set and go with Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

Nowadays, technology has been very much improved. The real world driving experience could be brought into your hands with the Logitech’s G27 Racing wheel. Wonder how good it will be, if you feel exactly what the motor sport racers would feel, while driving in the real circuits. This wheel can replicate those feelings in your hands right at your home. All you need is a simulation game on your PC, or on other compatible devices, and obviously, some space in front of your device. This newer device is based on Logitech’s previous version G25, but with additional features to make the driving experience more surreal yet realistic.


The Dual motor force feedback feature is the highlight of this device. This features gives you the real world steering experience. It means that you can feel the load transfers, traction loss and redirected reaction force, which you will experience while driving on real roads. Experiencing this steering from the Logitech’s play-seat, further brings out the feelings of a real drive. The round knob gear shifter will allow you to shift gears smoothly and instantly. In fact, the shift indicator in the form of LED lights, shows the right time for shifting your gears. The brake, clutch and accelerating pedals gives a precise reaction on the screen. The steering wheel rotates for 900′, which means that you can rotate the steering wheel 2.5 times from one locked position to the other.

The steering wheel has 16 programmable buttons that could help you access various functions of the game like maps, routes and other related information, at just the touch of these buttons. Apart from these major features, the device itself is sturdy and agile, such that all the three components can be bolted to a table or any other flat surface, for experiencing the optimum racing vibrations. In fact, every minute actions on the steering wheel are reflected on the screen. A wonderful carpet grip system under the pedals avert the sliding chances of the component, when forces are applied through the pedals. Solid steel ball bearings supports longer uses and thus, makes it reliable.


The manufacturer provides a limited hardware warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase. Your PC should possess a compatible processor with Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7. Other requirements like 256 MB RAM, 20 MB free space, CD drive, USB port, etc., are mandatory. The box contains the three basic parts namely, Steering Wheel, pedals setup and gear-shifter console, along with the user manual, power supply and CD which has the installation software.

High points

What else do you expect other than the real world racing experience, which this device does in a brilliant manner. The dual motor force feedback is responsible for those amazing racing experience. The driving experience is indeed, quieter than most of the other similar devices.

Low points

There isn’t much to discuss on the limitations of this racing wheel. However, some user had experienced a sudden break of the wheel with a sharp cracking sound, when tightening one of the clamps. But, such incidents are very rare and the manufacturer is ready to replace the device in case of any problems.


This amazing racing wheel is quoted for a price of about US $300. Sit back and enjoy your drive!

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