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Samsung surpasses Nokia to become the top mobile vendor in Q1

Samsung has finally thwarted the supremacy of Nokia in sales of mobile devices in Q1 2012. Multiple market figures show that Samsung has clearly thrashed the Finnish mobile maker in number of phones sold from January to March this year. Well, we all know that Samsung has been doing well in global mobile market for a while. Nokia’s recent slump further helped Samsung emerge as a world leader. However, it is for the first time the South Korean tech maker has gone beyond Nokia’s number of handset sales.

Samsung goes by Nokia

A Bloomberg estimate says that Samsung has sold out about 92 million handsets including smartphones and feature phones in the first quarter of the year. Another market study, which Reuters has referred to, states that Samsung had a shipment of 88 million handsets in the quarter. Nokia could only sell around 83 million phones, at the same time. It ends the 14-year domination of Nokia in sales of mobile phones. Since its overtaking of Motorola in 1998, Nokia has been continuing its supremacy largely, shouldered by its rich collection feature phones.

Last year, Samsung went by Nokia in sales of feature phones. It was a factor that intensified the shabbiness of the Finnish handset vendor, which had already been in crisis after the evolution of iPhone and Android smartphones. In other words, along with its failure to face the challenge by the new wave of smartphones, Nokia was completely overshadowed by the grip of Samsung in feature phone market.

Anyway, for the Korean tech firm, which is already a leading Android product maker in the world, it is a time to celebrate its success. Samsung has made the upsurge in global mobile industry through its strategy of launching diverse products. The company made its rally into market with a huge variety of products. With its lower-end basic phones to the world’s premium smartphones, Samsung has deeply penetrated into the hearts of global mobile customers. A multitude of Android products, feature phones and breathtaking display technologies like AMOLED have further enhanced the company’s prospects.

For Nokia, the situations are a bit dire now. Some analysts have suggested the Finnish firm to spin out its low-end phone production to a Chinese OEM to make profits and come back to the market. Anyhow, under the charismatic leadership of its CEO, Stephen Elop, Nokia looks for a faster recovery. The company’s recent deal with Microsoft to produce exclusive products for Windows Phone platform is an example of it. So far, Nokia has come up with a set of impressive Lumia phones with Windows Phone.

Furthermore, Nokia also wishes to boost its own operating systems. The company’s new line of low-end Asha phones and the much-touted 41-megapixel PureView 808 camera phone presage its new plan. Whatever it may be, coming years will be that of Samsung in global mobile market. Its huge collection of diverse Android phones and tablets will certainly help the company stay at the helm of global mobile market.

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