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Samsung BD-DT7800: Excellence in PVR arena

Make your TV smarter is the motto embellished on the box of BD-DT7800, the Samsung’s latest Freeview HD PVR. It not only allows you to watch and record programs, but also brings you the whole set of additional content from the Internet and networked devices around the home. This makes it the most exclusive Freeview PVR till date. The design of BD-DT7800 is a break from the regular style. The BD-DT7800 looks good with its glaring brushed silver finish on the body and a line of touch sensitive controls set into the front board is a rarest feature among the PVRs. The touch sensitive controls let you to play, stop and record the channel and the time and channel number also get displayed on the same board.


The latest Samsung BD-DT7800 is equipped with twin HD tuners. Viewers can simultaneously watch his favorite program in HD and can record the other. The 500GB built in hard drive is big enough to save all of your recorded data. The hard drive can store up to 130 hours of high definition programs or two hours of standard definition (SD). User can even playback the recorded content and can edit the TV programs to keep the best segments.

One notable thing to find on the feature list of BD-DT7800 is its ability to convert the 2D content into full 3D. With infrared powered 3D glasses, user can enjoy his favorite shows, recorded videos and web content in latest 3D format. The Samsung Freeview HD set top box not only records 2D HD but also 3D, so viewer can enjoy the engaging 3D films, videos again and again whenever he feels like. The BD-DT7800 has built in wireless LAN that allows user to get connected to Internet wirelessly. The Smart Hub feature allows the user to streamline his TV.


1. Set top got VFD front display with Dolby Digital Plus Audio sound output.

2. Device supports most of the video formats like DivX, HD JPEG, MKV, MPEG2/4 and WMV (1/2/3/7/9).

3. The device also supports HDMI, composite, component, optical digital audio and analogue stereo output ports for easy multimedia connectivity.

High points

1. The Samsung BD-DT7800 support Samsung apps that will boost the viewing experience to a next level.

2. The Samsung BD-DT7800 can also works as a Digital Media Server.

3. The integrated Smart Hub reads your viewing habits and it automatically takes you to the content you are seeking on web.

4. User can access all his videos, photos and music shared from the computer via Windows media streaming.

5. Device looks great with its realistic color and bright display. Being lightweight, it doesn’t consume much space.

Low points

1. The device is not able to record two things at the same time. To put in simple words, it doesn’t support multitasking.

2. User also can’t use the Smart Hub feature while the device is recording the HD content.


Though the Samsung Freeview BD-DT7800 HD set top box is rich in features, you have to shell out a staggering $229 to buy it.

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