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Review: Nokia Lumia 800, the fast, bold and stylish smartphone

Nokia Lumia 800

The cellphone manufacturer Nokia is in a troubled situation. With companies like Samsung, Apple and Blackberry slowly gaining hold over the market, Nokia has lost its top notch position. Many people say that the company’s survival is at stake. Although, we don’t believe that but we do reckon that the company is working very hard to get back to the position which it enjoyed for several years. Therefore, the new ranges of products have been launched. One of them that is slowly moving towards the limelight is the Nokia Lumia 800 which expected to bring back the top position back to Nokia.

What is it?

Nokia Lumia 800 is the latest smartphone by the cellphone giant Nokia, which is hoping that this 3.7 inch phone would bear all the losses that the company had to face in recent past and will bring back the popularity it once enjoyed. Therefore, the phone was developed in the period of 6 months and comes with the design that integrates the looks of N9 and is the first Nokia with Windows Phone Mango software that guarantees better performance. Let’s see if the phone has something special to beat its competitors.

Key features

This phone has an average size touchscreen of 3.7 inch with a screen resolution of 480X800 pixels. The design is sleek and the phone is only 0.48 inch thick. It is also lightweight and measures only 142 gm. This weight is lower than several other phones in comparison. The 8 megapixel camera has Carl Zeiss optics and there is a single core processor that operates the phone at a speed of 1.4 GHz.

The phone comes with an internal storage of 16 GB. With an above average 1540 mAh battery the phone can give better talk time and standby battery time. The Gorilla Glass display makes the screen more attractive and bright while the ClearBlack display makes the black color strong. 3G offers internet connectivity at 14.4 mbps for HSDPA and 5.76 mbps with HSUPA. It also incorporates the technology of noise cancellation with a dedicated mic and has document viewer.

What’s innovative?

This is an absolutely stunning, sleek smartphone that has been launched recently and can give tough competition to its competitors and Android. The device is sealed and you may have to break it open if you want to notice the inside. A plastic coating ensures that the phone is sturdy and doesn’t damage even if it falls. At 142 gm, the phone isn’t too heavy but ensures that you fell that you hold a phone. The AMOLED touchscreen is brighter than several competitor phones in the market. It offers impressive wireless connectivity and good camera with Carl Zeiss lens features. Although it might have the world at its feet, yet the phone has several impressive features to woo the audience.

Price and Availability

The phone is available for around 29000 rupees in Indian Currency.

The up side

This phone would engage you and provides you a platform to socialize. The new Windows software is easy to use and fun to handle. One can download thousands of songs with Nokia’s mix radio. The navigation software is good. Touchscreen with AMOLED is also good. The phone on overall is of stylish quality as well as sturdy. The phone’s battery life is pretty good when compared to other smartphones in the market.

Call quality and internet facilities are also good. One can easily connect to friends and family even when the network system is low. The addition of Windows Mango Phone software offers a lot of features and varieties that allow users to have a whole new feel. Camera is pretty good at 8 megapixels, offers a variety of good images at different lights. The live tiles on home screen allows for interactive user interface. Many applications are available for the users.

The downside

The non-availability of microSD is a disadvantage is if you intended to increase the memory. There is no front facing camera. The camera doesn’t works well in the low lights and even though there are several applications available for the use, yet the number is not are large as that of Android or iPhone.

Our experience

Using this phone is an experience in itself which brings back the Nokia Nostalgia. The phone is easy to use and the tiles on screen when move create a subtle 3D effect. The huge collection of free songs available at Nokia Mix radio is an added advantage. Call quality is good and web browsing is also pretty fine. The camera lets you capture memories at a good resolution even though it is not as good as the other competitors.

The bottom line

Buy this phone if you want to feel the magic of Nokia. Try Lumia 800 if you are bored of using Android or iPhone. This phone is a refreshing experience and change. Although it has flawless and a downside, yet it manages to grab hearts with fast speeds, bold designs and sturdy quality.

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