Review: HTC Radar 4G an aweinspiring Windows Phone

HTC Radar 4G

In this tough and ever changing business environment, mobile phone companies are introducing new and more advanced models. Each one of them tries to add some feature to the existing list. HTC has also introduced a new phone known as Radar 4G. This phone is working on the new operating system designed by Microsoft. Till date most of the smart phones are running on the Android operating system of Google. This phone gives an added advantage to all those who have got fed up with the Android market and are looking for something different.

What is it?

HTC Radar 4G is a new phone in the market of smart phones. This phone works on Microsoft Windows 7.5 Mango operating system. This is much different than the Android OS and is much easier to use and works in the similar manner as Windows OS in your PC. It is very comfortable in the hands. The white and silver color of the body is a boon for those people who have got tired with the black colored smart phones. It has 1 GHz processor that works very well. There are various other plus points too that make it a good buy.

Key features

The HTC mobile phone named Radar 4G has a full 3.8 inches display screen. It has a resolution of about 800×480 and 1 GHz processor. This is very worthy for all types of processing. There are two cameras – one 5MP on rear side and a 2MP on the front. The internal storage space is of 8 GB. This is not expandable beyond this. Further, it has RAM of 512 MB. The 4G works very well to download and upload your favorite videos, music files, etc.

What’s innovative?

This phone has a unique design. It fits easily in the hands of the user and this is only because of the curved body design of the phone. It has a chin shaped lid at the bottom, it is here that the SIM card cover meets the unibody shell. It is designed using the contrast between the white and silver. This makes it different from others. The white color phones are a boon for those people who want something different.

Price and availability

This phone is very easily available at all leading mobile stores across the globe. You can also buy the Radar phone over the internet. The price may vary. It is also available at T-mobile at $100.

The up side

The body design is its main advantage. It has a silver touch on the white body that looks good. The 5MP rear camera is also good. For those who want a new advanced windows phone, Radar 4G is a good choice. It has secondary camera too that helps the user in making the video calls. The 1GHz processor will help you play most of the games on your phone that you were earlier playing on your PC. It is very easy to use. As the phone is running on Windows platform, those who are going to buy the smart phone for the first time can easily go for this device. It also has a bright screen.

The down side

It is actually not a real 4G phone. It also lacks WiFi calling that are there in most of the smart phones by T-mobile. It also lacks a compass or any such sensor. This is not a good thing. Even the memory is not enough. Just 8GB storage is not enough to store all the useful information. Some people may have the problem with its color too. Even the 5MP camera is also not good. Other players like Samsung are offering 8MP in the similar price range.

Our experience

This phone from HTC named Radar 4G may not appeal good to everyone. But, it is well built. It is also very easy to handle, still many may have doubt with its color. It is actually the first second generation Windows Phone. It has added all the important features that a phone should add to its predecessors. It has a more vibrant screen. This is a great advantage of this phone. The two cameras on both sides help a person to go for a video call. Though the camera is just 5MP, but it is enough to get a good click.

The bottom-line

This is a new offering from the family of HTC. It has all the new and the advanced features that a phone should have. Overall, this is a nice phone for those who want to buy a new phone with Windows 7.5 Mango OS.

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