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Review: Fujitsu LOOX F-07C, dual-boot smartphone first with Intel Atom processor

Fujitsu LOOX F-07C

If you are a gadget freak, you should know about a special category of mobile devices known as UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs). Sony’s VAIO UX is one such device. Coming under that elite category is the new Fujitsu LOOK F-07. This phone has an interesting combination of Symbian and Windows 7 and it can shift between the two operating systems at the click of a button. When seen as a phone, it is a slider QWERTY model.

What is it

If you think that this mobile is a Windows 7 phone, then you are wrong. This phone is capable of shifting between two operating systems with ease as mentioned above. This mobile has 1GB RAM, 32 GB internal hard disk and an Intel Atom processor. When you think about the performance of this device, its configuration matches a notebook itself.

The phone has a 4 inch capacity touchscreen which is highly responsive, a QWERTY keyboard and a 5MP back camera along with a VGA camera for video calling and conferencing purposes. When it comes to connectivity, the device has Wi-Fi, GPS and HSPA connectivity.

Key features

This phone is the smallest device with Windows operating system. With an atom processor and 1 GB of RAM, this phone will offer you great performance. This phone also includes two years free license of Microsoft Office Professional 2010. This is a very important feature considering the fact that this device is a business model and most business people will need access to software like Word and PowerPoint most of the times.

This phone also includes licensed Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 which is great for mobile browsing. Even top mobile phones do not have Adobe Flash support these days but this mobile has flash support which will seamlessly play videos and games.

Many innovative operations such as a soft touch qwerty, a large touch screen and a trackball will enable you to use the device like a mouse itself. All these features give great accessibility which will match a computer itself. You can also secure this device by locking it from a remote location. Similarly, there are many other security features in this device.

What’s innovative

You can connect peripheral devices to this mobile phone with ease. You can buy a HDMA or a USB set to which you can attach the device. On the device, you can connect a external keyboard or a mouse and using that you can edit word files. If you want to view pictures and movies in a large screen, you can attach the device the to a television using a HDMA output.

As you might have guessed, the Windows mode will consume lots of power. So, only 2 hours of Windows mode is allowed and after that, the phone will automatically switch to Symbian mode.

Price and availability

The phone is in no way a cheap affair. It will cost you around $890 which is costlier than the contemporary models of other mobile computers. But, whatever you pay is totally worth seeing what the mobile offers.

The phone is currently available in the Asian subcontinent. The ISP provider DoCoMo is offering this mobile in India and other Asian countries. Fujitsu is planning to expand the service of this mobile to the west in the coming years.


Along with this mobile, you can buy an optional charging dock. In the charging dock, there will be 4 additional USB ports and an HDMI port. There is also a port where you can insert Micro USB cards.

One of the main troubles with high performance mobile like this is the fact that they get heated very easily. In order to get rid of that, the dock has a built in fan that will keep the mobile cool. This fan is indispensable while the mobile is operating in Windows mode as large amount of heat is liberated.

Other than the dock, there are other general accessories like a stylus, headphones, speakers and screen guards that will increase the efficiency of the device.

The up side

Being a great business cum entertainment portal is the biggest advantage of the device. It holds good to a busy businessman as well as to a youngster. The large screen is also a great advantage.

The down side

Price is probably the only down side to this excellent mobile. $890 is a huge sum for students and youngsters.

Our experience

Using this mobile, we found it to be highly responsive. The battery could have been better but overall, it is really good.

The bottomline

Buy this device only if you need such high performance. Otherwise, there are other cheaper yet very effective mobiles that will do the job for you. This is an attractive option, nevertheless.

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