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Print faster with Samsung ML-6510ND Printer

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The Samsung ML-6510ND is a Mono Laser Printer that boasts of superior paper handling capabilities and high paper capacity. There is a main paper tray and a multipurpose tray on Samsung ML 6510ND, which makes it capable to print on envelopes and any other special types of media. The printing rate is very fast in this machine with 62 ppm.


Samsung has already started making claims that ML-6510ND is the fastest laser printer in the world with a speed of 62 pages per minute. The printer looks huge and is more than 0.5m in height and weighs a whopping 35kg. This is not the printer which you can move on your own. Samsung has brought in another innovation by giving a light color to this printer. The output tray set is big enough for more than 100 pages of documents and the input tray can take around 520 sheets which is more than a full ream. The multipurpose tray can accommodate 100 sheets. The control panel is slightly different than other mono lasers. It is a 4 line LCD panel with back light and there is also a number pad to key in passwords in case you are printing securely.

The printer switches to duplex mode when you press a button called ‘Eco’. It will now print 2 pages per sheet. There are sockets at the back for Ethernet and USB connections. The optional adapter makes the printer wireless.


Many have questioned whether Samsung ML-6510ND can really print at 62ppm? To tell you the truth, it doesn’t but it can still be regarded as the fastest printer in the market. Various paper tests have proved that it can print at 39 ppm but the claim of 62ppm is a long shot. The Duplex printing is comparatively quicker @ 27ppm.

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The print quality is very good with excellent formation of grayscale graphics. There are simply no signs of banding. The only glitch is that as the print speed rises, the mechanical noise from the paper feed mechanism also rises. The machine is, in fact, noisier than others in the same category. The cartridges have very high yields and the cost per page is really low at 1.6p. The Eco button will help you to save more.

High Points

The Samsung ML-6510ND is a high-end business printer that has easy-to-use features and unlimited productivity. The ‘Eco’ button will effectively reduce the use of toner on a page thereby enabling you to save more. The toner cartridge too gets an extended life. The printer is definitely eco-friendly as it has a duplex mode with toner save mode. The Result Simulator will let you know how much CO2, electricity and paper you have saved with your settings. The Samsung ML-6510ND helps to save the environment and also reduces your expenses.

The Gigabit LAN will help you to save time and connect with your colleagues in the office. The good thing about ML-6510ND is that it lets you choose only those consumables which you can afford. The Toner cartridges are available in 10,000 page standard version and 30,000 page high yield version.

Low Points

There is not much to dislike in this super fast printer. The quality of the text and graphics is very good and is also reasonably priced. The downside is the exaggerated claim of 62ppm which was totally unnecessary. The machine is also very bulky in size and you will need a big corner in your office or home to keep it.


The price of Samsung ML-6510ND is $2029 and the 10,000 page supply Toner will cost $219. The 30,000 page Toner will cost $339.

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