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How to prepare your basement for a home theater

We often look for means to find recreation in our home instead of going out. The new concept of entertainment nowadays in setting up a home theater at home. People are now going in for LCD TVs and making extra effort to set the lighting in their room to make TV more watchable. Home theater becomes more meaningful if you have a basement in your house. Basement sets the correct ambience suitable for watching movies. Since it is underground, it is free from direct sunlight and the place is more dark than the rest of the house; a perfect fit to a theater requirement. Basement is also much cooler and quiet. You rarely hear noises coming from outside. These factors make the basement suitable for a home theater and brings an opportunity for the whole family to spend time together.

Preparing the basement for home theater:

Much thought is needed to make the basement look perfect for setting your home theater.

Colors: The first and foremost thing is to choose the right colors. Natural earth toned colors can give the basement a warm snug feeling. It is very important not to use vivid floral designs that can distract the viewers.

Furniture: Use rustic furniture as far as possible to give a theater look. It be molded from materials such as wrought iron, hickory, cedar, and log type furnishings too. Do not opt for designer furniture as it can spoil the spirit of a theater.

Lighting: Basements are usually dark and dingy. Take extra care in illuminating the basement. Prefer to keep dim lights as they enhance the quality of the picture and bring the perfect mood for the show. Go for as little lights as possible as too much of lighting can hamper the picture quality.

Drapery: A theater usually gives a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. You can use rich velvet drapery for that feel. Thick curtains can muffle extra sound too.

Floor: You must give extra attention to flooring and make it comfortable for the viewers. Lay down wall to wall carpet which not only cuts down echoes, but protects the audio system too. You can go for low-pile carpeting like a movie hall. This requires less maintenance too.

Tips for home theater:

It is always wise to seek professional help to convert your basement into home theater. This would save you from unforeseen problems. The expert can guide you with the necessary installation. You can further insulate the room with a warm, thick carpet, and heavy material on the walls. This will lend warmth and beauty to the theater. A home theater is of course incomplete without a television. Ensure to place the right kind of TV to build up the theater effect. It can be plasma, CRT, or LCD projector system .A speaker package for the audio for the theater system, a DVD player, a cable box, satellite TV connection are also necessary requisites. Depending on sophistication and your budget, you can also include high-end receiving system, woofers, and scientific remote controls. Ultimately it is your and your family’s personal wishes that matters the most.

Speakers should be placed to get optimum sound effect; but at the same time they should not be too close and loud. Sub-woofers can normally be placed in front and to the left of your TV. They may also be placed midway inside the room or even behind the major viewing area. After placing the speakers, play a DVD to test if you are receiving the adequate sound. Move the speaker, if you are not. You can also buy a projector system.

Consider these things and your basement is ready to serve as home theater, an ultimate enjoyment.

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