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Nokia Lumia PureView leaked slides dissapoints everyone

Recently two slides got leaked on the internet; these slides “allegedly” have the images of Nokia’s upcoming smartphone Nokia Lumia Pureview. Nokia Symbian based phone Lumia 808 Pureview is the closest cousin of Lumia Pureview.

Nokia Lumia Pureview

Looking at the slides, this phone is expected to have a 4.3 inch HD enabled screen, a Dual Core 1.5 Ghz, Krait processor. For the graphics requirements this phone would have Adreno 320 graphics. The camera would have a massive 41MP sensor (same as Lumia 808 Pureview). This phone would run on Windows Phone Apollo operating system. This phone would have capability to record videos in 1080p.

Nokia Lumia Pureview

The specs are high end and seem promising for the next generation Windows phone. We are happy to see Nokia bringing the Pureview technology to Lumia phones. But we are not really pleased with the design. The monstrous sensor makes look very fat and ugly. So, we want to believe that these slides are not real.

Via: Gsmarena

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