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MyFitnessPal enables you to keep a tab on food intake and calories

This health app called MyFitnessPal is a cool way to track your diet and count your food calories. A very significant aspect of this app is that it can work nicely with many famous activity trackers, such as Jawbone UPandFitbit. Check out how we found its performance and worth on several different factors.



MyFitnessPal is one of the best calorie counter apps that you must have on your mobile device if you are conscious about maintaining your health. The app has a really wide food items database. The app allows you to track your daily food consumption in order to receive beneficial information related to weight management and nutrition. You can set your calories and nutrition goals in this tool by providing easy inputs through database search.

Further, MyFitnessPal is also a great app for tracking your exercise schedule so it can consider this while calculating your actual calorie intake. You can check your progress on your set goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Thus, the app lets you be aware of your constantly held lifestyle so you may make changes to it, if required. It really works wonders for people who want to lose, gain or manage their body weight.

Value for money

The MyFitnessPal app is available for free download and use. Thus, it gives you almost complete value for your money if you are using its basic version. On the other hand, you can also upgrade it on easy terms in case you do not want to see any advertisements. However, you may get satisfied with its regular version, as this version itself is quite effective in meeting its purpose.


The app comes with an excellent design anda simple user interface. In times when everybody wants a special calorie and food intake tracking device to stay fit, this app offers a variety of features and tools to meet this purpose. While it is efficient as an exercise tracker and calorie counter, it is not designed to be a replacement for any medical advice. However, it gives you surface insights so you may progress positively on the path of healthy eating.

There are more than 3 million food items currently present in the database of this app. Once you choose specific items for a day, these remain in your favorites. Thus, you can quickly make an entry the next time you eat the same item.MyFitnessPal appears to be like your dietary diary that you can always keep with you at all places.


You can use the website, as well as the mobile app for MyFitnessPal.It runs excellently on all your Apple, Windows, BlackBerry and Android devices. The app also synchronizes wonderfully with various fitness trackers and app having a pedometer feature. This can help you in counting your steps taken if you have a connected gadget or app.

The way MyFitnessPal calculates your progress is amazing too. It gives you pretty accurate and impressively presented results based on your statistics and daily inputs. Thus, you will always stay motivated to maintain fitness with this reliable app.

Ease of use

With MyFitnessPal, it is very simple to track the kind of food you eat and its quantity, as well as the calories you intake each day. On a simple tap or barcode scan, you can search for a food item in its database and make your food or drink entries. It is also easy and quick to register your statistics to set up an account on this app. You may even add your friends to do your health tracking together.


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