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Mobile TV concept: Not burly enough to gratify EU!

Call it a revelation or what; a surprising survey conducted throughout the EU, confirmed that approximately 95 percent of cellphone enthusiasts are disinterested to go for a mobile TV! What I opine is a lot similar to this notion too.

This idea simply does not seem to click, as getting a real-TV feel on to a small screen is something insane. Geeks like me would only watch a smaller-than-life TV when the real big thing is not within our reach, that’s it!


Industry specialists and researchers are formulating calculations comprising of appraisal algorithms that would help them calculate the exact demand of this advancement in the not-very-distant future. After analyzing such reviews, they should seriously jot down careful measures that should help giving an impetus to the sales of the same.

Similar results were seen at the Asia-Pacific region too. Many cellphone owners never even desire to savor such small screen mayhem.

Jim Morrish, Senior Consultant, Analysys, made things cleared out by commenting,

Our research shows that there is an expectation of real demand for mobile TV services, driven by the premium that users place on convenience, and this could be expected to represent a significant revenue opportunity. However, recent evidence suggests that the mobile TV market could be significantly more complex than the existing terrestrial broadcast environment.

No matter what may be the market scenario, manufacturers still confirm the contradictory. They agree on the small screen aspect of the same but such paradoxical statements still need careful speculations, I am sure.Though this video would excite many!

Via: Slashphone

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