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Lyft makes a better appearance for the taxi niche

At a time when people look for reliable services, Lyft Inc has come up with a trustworthy app that can help you in hiring a cab driven by friendly drivers. While the Lyft app looks simple, it can be an efficient and quick tool to call a cab at your current location. The company ensures that its drivers go through a face-to-face meeting and personality screening test, as well as a thorough background check before they are hired.

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Since it does not recruit drivers based on their taxi driving experience, almost any good driver can apply to be a friend to the riders. Read on to know what all this app offers you as a customer.


The Lyft app provides cab-hiring services, just as another cab company could do. However, it is unique in the sense that it can deliver friendly services by verified, enthusiastic and well-educated drivers. When you hire a driver close to your location, you canactually feel safe about it.

The app not only shows you the picture and customer ratings of a driver, but also keeps you linked to your Facebook community so your constant location can be tracked. You also receive all the information about the cab and driver coming to pick you up. Thus, it is quite useful and secure to avail the cab service through this app at any hour of the day/night.

Value for money:

The app is free to download and use. You only need to pay a donation after your ride is completed successfully.In fact, you will find this service cheaper than many other taxi services. Additionally, you can compare the prices for available drivers so you may select a cheaper ride. Therefore, it is completely recommended to use Lyft,as far as the value for your money is concerned.


Lyft has a simple user interface with no flashy and exaggerated features. There are minimal features available in this app. However, you can only use them when you keep your phone’s GPS on. It tracks your current location and displays it using a balloon on a map. Sometimes, your location on the map may not be displayed precisely and you might have to correct it using a bull’s eye button present in the bottom right corner.

Further, this app has options to allow you to login using your Facebook/LinkedIn account and credit card details. Overall, it has decent features with an okay look.

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The Lyft app performs efficiently on all Android and Apple devices. When you use the GPS on your phone, it keeps a track of your location, as well as the location of the driver you have called. It also displays the movement of your cab toward you. This is shown on the map using a car icon. The app keeps you connected with a social platform’s community all the time while you are riding.It performs wonderfully when you want to start it, search a driver near you, and get in touch with the driver. On the other hand, it can decrease your battery life, as the GPS remains constantly on.

Ease of use

You will not find anything complex to use in the Lyft app. It can be easily downloaded and used on the press of a button. With a single tap, you can request a lift or rate a driver. It is also amazingly simple to check for your driver and car, because you are given details like the driver’s bio, ratings, donation, car number and model, and minutes until your car arrives. Thus, Lyft is an easy and fast way to find a ride near you.


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