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Koniku Kore – the world’s first chip that can sense cancer cells and explosive devices

Oshiorenoya Agabi a Nigerian neuroscientist might have just solved the puzzling dilemma of life when it comes to travelling. Today the security processes in airports, railway stations, bus stands and even cruise liners have become so tight due to growing threats of terrorism and crime that we have to wait for a long time before we can actually board. Another factor which is a growing concern is the number of patients that are being diagnosed with various kinds of cancer. With this new and innovative chip, it may just be that this may finally come to an end.

So what is this new chip all about?

cancer cells

This chip is equipped with built-in neurotechnology that can help detect explosive devices and sense cancer cells as well. This new chip was first seen in the TED-Global -Conference that recently took place in Tanzania. He shared some really useful insights about how this chip works.

Artificial intelligence has been making the rounds with the various innovative products hitting the markets off late. Now the same thing is used in the new chip that can bring in a change.

This chip comes with a very powerful processor that has not been seen till date. A supercomputer would be required for the 2014 brain neurons to be powered. This is where this chip can do the trick. The mind boggling consequences of this chip is the fact that the neuron is not copied but it uses the biological cell just the way they are.

The team behind this innovative chip


The team that worked together for this idea consists of a molecular biologist, bio-engineers, physicists, geneticists and the man himself along with a few others. The intention of them coming together was to focus in the various challenges and hard to solve problems. Although you do have silicon devices in the market, however, they really do not help that much. This chip consists of a technology which can detect illness, volatile explosives as well as chemicals.

The Koniku Kore is said to have the smart technology which basically smells and breathes the air. This is the first time that a concept like this came into existence. As of now the big names in various industries have already signed up for this amazing chip. Out of the many challenges that they faced, the one that was the biggest was finding out a way of ensuring that the neurons stay alive for a longer period. If it is inserted in a device, it has a lifespan of two months, however, in a lab environment it can last for around two years.

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