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As mobile phones have become more than a mere communication device, they do not hold much value without appropriate software loaded into it. There are many programming languages for developing mobile software, but Java platform for micro edition (J2ME) remains as the frontrunner. The advantages of developing applications using Java include portability across various devices, efficient memory management, wide rage of API to develop simple to complex mobile applications, and well-tested API that complies with industry standards.

Moreover, developing software for a mobile phone is not same as developing software for a desktop computer. This is because mobile phones have limited resources when compared to a computer. Therefore, efficient mobile software should be able to run faster and perform efficiently within its limited resources. As Java has well-tested API covering wide range of functionalities, most of the applications developed using Java perform faster. Here is a list of best Java based mobile software.

Top Chef

Top Chef

If you are looking to develop your culinary skills, then you can go for this puzzle developed by This puzzle is quite different from ordinary Java games. At each stage of the puzzle, you have to create different recipes with unique flavors within a limited time. The game has a clean and simple interface with a background music that is specifically chosen to match each stage of the puzzle.

Pocket forensic security software

Mobile forensic software

This powerful security software can find complete details of any hand held device. This software can display the entire hardware and software details like information about OS, registry record, SIMS status, mobile IMEI, memory uses, mobile model number, manufacturer’s names, and many more. The information about the mobile device is generated either as a text report or as an html report.

All mobile software

All Mobile Software

If you are looking for all-in-one mobile software, then this software can meet more than your expectations. This freeware comes with tons of ringtones, logos, games, screensavers, videos, images, and much more. Imagine how much time you would have to spend if you were to search and download each of these separately. Moreover, apart from the loads of features it comes with, this software also allows you to search and download games into your mobile phone. From the performance point of view, this software performs much faster by downloading files in a moment. Another great feature of this software is it allows you to get a preview of your download before you actually download it. This feature is great and saves a lot of time.

Phone webcam explorer

Phone webcamera explorer

This sophisticated mobile application allows you to browse the public web cameras that are available around the world. Before you can use the application, you have to register with the Phone Web camera directory. This directory has web cameras that you can download into your mobile phone’s Phone Webcam explorer. This application also has an import/export facility for sharing pictures with your friends. Moreover, this application also allows you to create slideshows with the downloaded pictures.

Remote desktop for mobiles

Remote desktop for mobile phones

This software allows your mobile phone to connect to a remote computer. After you are connected, you can use this application to browse the remote computer, as you would do with a normal remote desktop application. Apart from this, the application also allows you to execute almost all commands on the remote computer from your mobile phone. Moreover, it comes with a sophisticated encryption algorithm to protect the data transfer from your mobile phone to the remote computer. From the user interface point of view, this software has transparent interface and allows simple navigation.

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