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How Blackberry lost the battle by launching Z10 before Q10

You would be getting a lot of reviews of BlackBerry Z10 since its launch, but has its launch prior to the launch of Q10 or the launch of both Z10 and Q10 made any impact on the success of BlackBerry? The launch issues would hardly matter when it is widely known that BlackBerry is not offering something real that other platforms are not. You would hardly find anybody owning an iPhone or an Android device saying that they are missing something their BlackBerry used to have. The mere concept of BlackBerry being a businessperson’s phone has gone into fading. The boundary line between a personal and business phone has almost diminished.


None of these launched BlackBerry devices offers a killer app that could cause nervousness to Apple or Android, though the launch of Z10 before Q10 was also a contributing factor to what BlackBerry did wrong. Q10 that had the physical keyboard was not launched when it should have been. BlackBerry’s heart and soul has always used to be a keyboard phone and this was a point of difference that they could have emphasized upon. Old users could have been attracted by signaling to them that it was a real BlackBerry. This would also have given BlackBerry a standing for some time.

Now, even those 70,000 apps that are being provided by BlackBerry are not enough to save their position. There is just a new hat given to several of the Android apps, and the number is definitely not enough to compete with what Google Play and iTunes App Store are offering. Buyers give life to a phone based on the apps it supports and that is the reason BlackBerry’s position is in the soup. This should be a clear signal for the company to start coming with fresh strategies and offerings. BlackBerry’s new launches would need to cover up for what went wrong previously.


Though some people would agree to the failure of BlackBerry’s launch strategy, some others might find it okay as even physical keyboards have fallen wayside and have made a place for virtual keyboards and large screens for better absorption of content. It is still to be seen if Q10 could have bucked this trend as it comes in the hands of general users. That will decide more on the company’s future strategies and launch plans.

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