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Hostelworld is a helpful app for last minute travel plans

Hostelworld is a helpful app for last minute travel plans

If you are a frequent traveler and your travel plans are made atthe last minute, then it is a possibility that you might face issues while doing your hotel bookings. It is also not easy to find an instant place to stay when you arrive in a foreign country or city. Now, there is a travel app called Hostelworld, which can solve your problems. Read on to know more about this app and its working.


Hostelworld is a highly beneficial app for all travel freaks who may just land up anywhere without much planning. However, this app can help such users in finding decent places to stay in more than 180 countries and over 6,000 destinations. The app not only allows travelers to search for hostels and budget hotels, but also lets them book rooms and beds on an immediate basis.

Hostelworld is majorly useful for people who are not interested in spending too much on their accommodation while still wanting to stay at a nice and clean place. Thus, hostels are great options for them. This travel app does a significant listing of more than 30,000 cheap yet quality hostels and accommodations in different countries.It also searches the best hostel rates for you.

Therefore, it is not a problem at all to find a suitable place within your budget. In addition, you can go through user reviews about searched hostels so you may have a better idea about the overall condition, hygiene, safety and facilities available in your chosen hostel.

Value for money

Since the Hostelworld app is free to download and use, it offers complete value to users with its high quality and performance.


This app has a straightforward and simple user interface, without any flashy or attention-seeking graphics or animation.Its search feature works by just entering your destination city, number of guests, and check-in and checkout dates. When you visit the page for a specific hostel, it will give you relevant information and pictures of the hostel, details and prices of rooms, and reviews by people who have already stayed at this place. The app has around 3.5 million reviews for various accommodations. With clarity of design, this app makes it faster for users to look for relevant details. Its clean interface can save your navigation time. Overall, the basic appearance of this app significantly enhances its usability. However, some users may also find it as an unappealing factor when they start using the app.


Hostelworld runs smoothly on all Android devices. It is designed to search a large database quite effectively so it can list the most cost-effective and relevant deals on hostels. It also performs well when we talk about its feature and image quality. Additionally, the app is fast and efficient at searching your current location, filtering search results, and making adjustments on having entered any incorrect information in the required fields.

Ease of use

While you will have to sign up on the website and create an account in order to use this app, you may not find the procedure difficult at all. It is just for once that you need to sign up and it simply takes a few minutes and simple details to create your account. When you have an account, you can quickly login the app and start booking your place. The app has simple options that can be instantly understood by any user. Further, the payments on this app can also be made very easily. It is a highly convenient app to use for finding and booking hostels at your destination.

Hostelworld is a practicaland reliable app for all travel enthusiasts.Along with its convenient search/booking options, it offers highly useful information about your chosen accommodations.

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