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Is Facebook losing its essence?

Facebook has been a rage since the time it introduced. It conquered the world of social networking and a number of users from various age groups and various nations became regular Facebook users. Its success has been more or less consistent but talking about the present time it might be possible that Facebook is after all losing its charm. A number of reasons add up to make the ‘Facebook fever’ go downhill. From the success of other social networking sites to privacy issue concerns, the reasons why Facebook has lost its essence, especially for the users in US, are many.

Many nations one Facebook

Facebook is considered to be on top when it comes to the most popular social networks with as many as seven hundred million users. 119 countries out of 134 have Facebook as the most famous social networking site. Countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania, Iran, and Syria are also among the nations in which Facebook has won the race of the most popular social networking site. Other than Facebook, other sites which had maximum number of users were Twitter and LinkedIn. In fact, in Iran and Ethiopia Facebook has emerged victorious despite the censorship issues.

However, according to latest reports and surveys as the number of Facebook users in the world is going up, the number of Facebook users in the US is going down.

Not a good time for Facebook in US?

Although Facebook is still gaining popularity, it will not be entirely correct to say that it has not faced any setbacks. Reportedly, there has been a huge drop in the number of users Facebook has in the US.

According to the reports by Inside Facebook Gold, as many as 11.8 million people joined Facebook over the month of May and 13.9 in April. The report also said that there have been months where the number of new users per month touched as much as 20 million. Although not one after the other, there are few months which have seen lower growth in the number of new users per month. This might be a proof that Facebook might have started to lose its charm after its long run.

If we compare the statistics of the month of May, the users in the beginning were 155.2 million while towards the end of May the users were 149.4 million. The reports also mentioned that the social network has seen a loss in the number of users in US for the very first time in previous year.

Facebook and other nations

We may also take into consideration the drop in the number of Facebook users in Canada, but this does not judge the current status of the service accurately as the number of users has not been very constant in Canada for the previous year.

However, it will be wrong to state that the service has no new users in the present. New users keep coming in, especially from nations which are not as quick as US in adopting social networks. Such nations may include Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, etc.

Why is Facebook losing its charm?

The various reasons which might be responsible for the sharp drop in the number of users in US might be related to privacy issues, concern regarding new feature or maybe the presence of other social networks. Zuckerberg stated that kids under the age of 13 should be allowed on Facebook leading to privacy concerns among parents. A new feature which is a facial-recognition feature might also be a reason to draw back users form Facebook. Facebook gets a tough competition from other social networking sites such as Twitter. All these have led to a noticeable decrease in the number of users of Facebook.

The statistics elsewhere seem to favor Facebook, but this is not the case in US. Social networking holds a lot of importance in today’s world. The trend is ever changing and so it is hard to maintain constant success. With so many options available, people like to try out everything which is offered to them and so they try out other social networking sites as well and if they find it better than Facebook, they stick to it rather than coming back to Facebook. Nevertheless, although it is not the best time for Facebook, it still manages to get a number of new users from other countries if not from US and there are chances it might get back the charm it has lost.

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