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Always have an eye on the infant with The Baby Owner’s Data Tracker

As the name suggests, The Baby Owner’s Data Tracker app has been designed to track some vital data about your baby. Developed by Quirk Productions, Inc., this app claims to help you take care of your baby’s health and fitness. Check out how effective it is in everyday life.


The first year of life is quite crucial for your baby from the perspective of healthcare. Many parents remain quite tensed about their fitness and growth. This app called The Baby Owner’s Data Tracker is fairly useful for such parents. If you also want to keep a track on your baby’s daily progress and development, then you may record some factors like his/her length and weight using this app. The app also lets you compare your baby’s stats with the average percentiles. In addition, it comes handy when you want to track their sleeping patterns.

The Baby Owner’s Data Tracker also keeps a check on the feeding schedule of your child. While it displays all tracked details and progress information using charts and graphs, you may sometimes find it difficult to figure out the chart itself. You may find some information portion either missing or imprecise. On the other hand, it is helpful when you need to share the tracked information with a pediatrician, friend or family member via photos, emails, Twitter or Facebook. Apart from this, the app gives you some beneficial tips about maintaining the health and development of your child.

Value for money

While The Baby Owner’s Data Tracker is free to download and use, you will need an iTunes account before you avail its benefits. Still, the app does not add very high value to your purpose, considering its faulty details and settings. It is okay for use when you only need a fair idea of your baby’s health details.


This app has a very plain design that does not include many appealing features. There is a cover photo section in which you may add your baby’s picture, or customize it with some other iamge. You can add data through a simple tapping option. When it comes to viewing charts, you only find basic progress display for length, weight, sleep or feeding schedule. In addition, the app has options to let you change your child’s profile and gain tips from the app. Apart from this, the app does not offer anything intriguing and interesting to do. Its user interface is basic and simple.


The Baby Owner’s Data Tracker offers a decent performance, but it can also be inaccurate in certain cases. Since it is not very precise, you should not rely solely on it to track your baby’s health. It is always better to visit a pediatrician if you find any trouble in tracking the progress on any factor. However, the app is not so inefficient. It performs nicely on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The overall app functioning helps you do your work nicely.

Ease of use

It is fairly easy to use this app after a successful download from your iTunes account. While it is quick and smooth to add new data to everyday logs, you may not have the same experience while editing the details. Customizing profile settings or picture may be disappointing at times, as the app sometimes takes you to default settings. Sharing data of your baby with a doctor or friend is also easy using the tracker. In fact, you may also find it simple to track the health data in U.S. or metric measurements for multiple children with this app.

The Baby Owner’s Data Tracker is a decent tool for measuring your baby’s growth factors. However, you will only be able to use this app for basic health tracking purposes. Do not expect it to offer anything extraordinary in terms of features and performance.

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