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Affair with the Divine- A book that will change your perspective

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Calling Affair with the Divine a self-help book will be insulting the lovely story of soul searching and spiritual upliftment by the author M.L.Curry. Reading it will not only fill you with a light of knowledge but also confirm many of your vague beliefs and ideals. Usually the self-help books do make one feel good but fail to leave a long-lasting impact on the reader’s life. Only few books can affect you so deeply that you desire a change and Affair with the Divine is one such book.


In our daily hustle we often forget and neglect the spiritual aspect of our being. We do not take two minutes out from our busy schedule to think about our connection with the universe. As a result we acquire worldly knowledge but remain spiritually illiterate. When you seek the answer to questions about the reason of your being and the connection of your soul with the divine then you will find the answers. Seeking the truth about your existence and the divine will lead you through the maze of ignorance. Ultimately you will find your soul and get to know the purpose of your existence. This is what Affair with the Divine shows us.

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After a sudden separation from her husband the author spends several days in the lonely apartment and then decides to visit Vienna in Austria. The journey is not just physical but also spiritual and meta-physical. It is about coping with the loss of love and searching for newer dimensions of life. The author describes her splendid spiritual awakening through psychic experiences and gives us hope that we too can achieve the same blissful self-knowledge. You not just feel her pain of loss but also take step towards self discovery. Lucid language and easily understandable imagery has enriched the book and made it more readable. The author also narrates the pain she felt when her husband died and traveled from France to Italy. Her journeys opened up new possibilities and gave her the hope we all need in life. Reading it will open up your mind and help you see through your existence. To read more

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