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Revolutionary iPhone apps to help drivers keep safe

According to a leading US based auto publication, the number of road accidents due to drowsiness and fatigue have increased drastically in the recent past. When drivers drive continuously at a stretch for long hours, they fail to take break at regular intervals and this eventually leads to drowsiness-related accidents. To aid drivers to deal with this problem, some of the latest iPhones apps seem to provide respite. Here is a list of iPhone apps that could benefit any driver.

Driver’s log

If you make frequent trips to different locations, then having a handy way to store information about mileages or expenses incurred during each trip is certainly going to help you a lot. This app exactly does that. With easy-to-use interface, this app allows you to enter information about your trips and generate reports in HTML or CSV format. Moreover, with this app you can easily maintain information about multiple vehicles.

Signs and Symbols

A handy booklet of roads signs and symbols is necessary even for experienced drivers. The Signs and Symbols iPhone app comes with a database of important road signs, danger signals, pictograms, and descriptions. Apart from this, you can also test your knowledge on road signs.

Park N’ Find

If you regularly park your vehicle in packed parking lots, then finding your car may not be a difficult task with Park N’ Find iPhone app. This app notes down your car’s location and automatically zooms in as you move closer to your car. Apart from this, you can also attach photos, voices, videos and set reminders to pay parking bills.

Driver’s Ed

This app was developed specifically for those who want to take permit test. Developed by, this app contains more than 350 questions and state drivers manual that you can review anytime. Moreover, this app allows you to customize the test pattern and create your own tests.

Drive safely

It is quite common for drivers to check SMS and emails when they are on the move. But doing such things could actually distract drivers’ attention. Now, Drive Safely iPhone app can read out your emails and SMS by converting text to high quality speech. Developed by, the free version of this app reads 25 words per message.

Cheap Gas

As gas prices are going up, an app to display best deals on gas prices is beneficial for all drivers, especially when they are on long trips. Cheap Gas iPhone app collects data about gas prices and station locations from various sources and displays them for you.

Repair Pal

This app is must have for all people who drive long distance. If you run into any kind of problems with your vehicle, then you can use Repair Pal app to easily locate nearby repair shops based on your car model.

Smart- ICE4

This app allows you to store critical medical information that doctors can use in case of any mishaps. This app is beneficial when you drive alone or when you have serious health problems.

Pocket First Aid and CPR

This app, developed by American Heart Association, contains a series of text, audios and videos to guide drivers about common medical treatments. It is essential for drivers to know about how to handle choking, breathing trouble and other injuries, so that they can provide assistance while waiting for emergency services.

Drive Me Crazy

If you want to report aggressive drivers or driving offense, then this application allows you to do that. Apart from helping you to file an online complaint, this app also allows you to leave audio message with the complaint and helps you to share the information with others on Facebook or Twitter.

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