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The 10 best free BlackBerry apps you can’t miss

Blackberry apps

BlackBerry is a Smartphone device designed and developed by RIM ( Research In Motion), a Canadian company since 1999. It commands 14.80 percent worldwide smart phones sales share. It is available in 91 countries. It is the handiest set you can ever get. Got a new blackberry recently and unaware about the applications to use? Searching for the best applications to install? Your search gets over here. Given below is a list of 10 best free blackberry applications that you should install without any second thought:

1. Amazon Shopping Apps


These applications make shopping very easy. You can shop sitting at your home or office by simply clicking or you can order for free site of Amazon. You can also use it for modifying orders, tracking packages, receiving personal recommendations and reviewing customer, viewing editorials, accessing wish list and receiving gold box deal of the day.

2. Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry Messenger

This application provides you the facility of staying in touch with friends using BlackBerry without any charge for text messaging by cell provider. The cell contains OS’s pins that helps in exchanging massages.

3. Caffeine Finder Freeware

Caffeine finder

If you are a coffee lover , you are surely going to find this application very useful. It stores the address of nearly 45000 café stores that may aid you in searching the nearest café. It also shows the exact location of the café in the map, i.e. it is provided with directional features.

4. Opera Mini

Opera mini

Browsing through a mobile always need opera mini. BlackBerry presents you the best version of opera mini with extra features. Using opera mini you can offload many processing from the cell. It also makes way to send page requests directly through operas server. Using your cell you can load pages from the net at a comparatively faster speed.

5. Facebook


The set also provides you the world’s most ported and largest social networking site ‘Facebook’, a very essential applications for any road warriors. The device allows you to like the status updates, displays screen notifications, writing messages, poking and also comment on your friends wall. Phones camera can be made use of to click pictures and the images can be uploaded instantly.

6. Lapblite Blackberry Personal Money Manager


It is finance related application provided by BlackBerry. It consists of different features like investment tracking, multiple accounts, worth calculations, regular transactions, user defined category, default and standing orders.

7. Stock Viewer

Check stocks

With this application, you can continuously retrieve or check stock quotes from NASDAQ and NYSE. It also provides you with news headlines. This application is present in 9xxx, 8xxx, 7xxx BlackBerry models.

8. Google Latitude

Google application for Blackberry

The software application is Geo broadcasting and can tell you the locations of your friends and lets you share your current location with your friends. The fact of having Google maps integrated latitudes makes it even more powerful. This application allows you to set alternate levels for sharing of locations.

9. Worldmate Live

World mate

This is a very special application and can be very useful for the road warriors. World Mate Live provides you services and content to your device including flights itineraries, meetings, hotel information, car rental related information, public transportation. It also provides you with corporate calendar, email confirmation of export information and many more. Weather report and current time of some locations are also provided. It also let you with the information of five day weather broadcast of all major cities. You can also convert your currencies for Euros, U.S. dollars and Japanese Yen.

10. Yahoo Go

Yahoo go

This application is usually present in new models of BlackBerry and is very impressive. The application includes features like weather, yahoo news, finance, sports, mapping and driving directions, entertainment related news feeds. You can get Flickr also in it and can do varieties of Flickr activities in your blackberry screen comfortably.

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