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India is ranked amongst the world’s top five fastest growing healthcare destinations in the world and targets 32,00,000 foreign patients to India by 2015 – A  Rs. 10,800 crore industry in the making according to […]

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With the increasing popularity of medical tourism around the world, the reputation of Asia is also going up in the industry. More and more foreign patients are now choosing Asia as their favorite medical tourism

Cosmetic surgery is a critical procedure that needs to be carefully performed; one should choose the right destination where highly skilled surgeons can do it. You would require ultramodern medical facilities equipped with the latest

Eye care surgery may be required for several kinds of problems. Some of these conditions include myopia, hyperopia, cataract, astigmatism, glaucoma, squint and presbyopia. Sometimes, it is urgent to undergo surgeries for these conditions in

The Indian medical tourism industry is experiencing a serious issue as the special visa policies of the country is restricting lots of international patients from visiting the nation and getting the best possible medical care

Medical Tourism has acquired a special place in today’s global economy. It refers to the phenomenon of tourists moving to destinations from their own country for seeking medical attention. Not only has it helped the

India is definitely one of the best contenders in the global market today for attracting medical tourists for various treatments and intricate surgeries. Among the different treatments provided in India, the one that is getting

The Indian healthcare sector is observing an annual growth of 30 percent, making it a potential destination for accommodating foreign medical travelers increase. Medical tourism lets patients choose a country where they would travel for


Medical tourism revolves around certain groups of patients who travel developing or semi-developed countries in order to get some affordable medical alternatives like dental surgery, cosmetic surgery, heart surgery, knee and hip surgery, etc. that

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