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You could be ruining your precious clothes without even realizing it

You could be ruining your precious clothes

Buying the trendiest and the most stylish clothes makes no point if you do not know how to take proper care of them. Some people take utmost pleasure in spending their hard-earned money on the pricey and the happening clothes but what happens afterwards is shocking. They do not take proper care of their clothes and too soon, they ruin them. If you value your hard-earned money, take pleasure spending it to get some chic pricey clothes but do not want to ruin them too soon then read the following tips and implement them as soon as possible in your life.

Do not wring swimsuit after a swimming session

Most people wring their swimsuit in order to dry it after a swimming session. Well, this is the worst thing you could do to your swimsuit, as twisting and turning it loses all its elasticity and makes it useless. The correct way is to fold your swimsuit in a towel and then press it to remove water, and then hang it somewhere to dry on its own.

Do not hang your sweater just as you hang your shirt

If you hang your sweaters in your closet just like you hang shirts, probably you do not realize but it takes a heavy toll on the shape of your sweater. The bumps on the shoulders and the oversized neck are the result of the incorrect hanging you do to your sweater. Make sure you fold your sweater just as you can see in the picture and then hang it on the hanger.

Wire hangers instead of felt hangers

When you happen to hang heavier fabrics on a wire hanger, all you get in return is a warped shape. Actually wire hangers are not capable enough to support such heavy fabrics well, thus, they warp their shape. Use felt hangers that are sleek so you can hang many of them in your closet, they do not warp shapes of clothes, and they support heavy clothes well, and have superb grip for silky thin fabrics as well.

Do not fold but hang your leather pants

Imagine someone spending huge bucks on a leather pant and later folding it and keeping it in her closet. What a waste of money it seems. When you fold leather pants, it creates wrinkles and creases that do not easily go away because you cannot iron leather just as you do with other fabrics. The better and a wiser way is to hang your leather pants on a hanger with clips, and use some paper or card under clips, so that it does not leave a mark on your pricey and lovable pants.

Drying your bras and other high on elastic clothes in a machine

To escape hand wash and putting out clothes in the sun to dry, some women opt for an easier and convenient way out, a machine wash. Washing in machine is still okay but not drying. The heat from the dryer attacks delicate elastic in bras and ruin it. The better way is to hang them on a hanger and put out in the sun for sometime, or in the shade outside.

The irregular stacking of bras

The elasticity and the cup shape of bras have to be perfect, as then only it can support your assets well. Every woman and girl knows this but still many do not bother much and stack their bras upside down, or folded in their closet that destroys their shape. The correct way is to stack them one inside another (the cups), just as you must have seen in some lingerie store.

Not many people realize that their carelessness and their ignorance ruin their pricey and lovable clothes too soon.

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