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World Bank allocates funds to stem rising sea-level in Guyana

World Bank has sanctioned a $3.8 million to funding to protect the coastal areas of Guyana, which is jeopardized by the ever-increasing sea-level. According to the sources, it is said that it is the first kind of this project which is ever done by Global Environmental Facility’s Special Climate Change Fund. This fund will be utilized to improve or find better ways to have fine drainage system in the South American country.

In Guyana, more than half of the population was affected when a ruinous flood attacked the city. That is one of the strong reasons, a senior consultant of the World Bank’s hazard’s risk management area says in response to the project getting sanctioned. He added that a team would take all the technical data and information of the land area and all the possibilities of the water rising above sea-level and all the necessary and cautionary action that would be taken to the exposure of the flood. He also presented a tide gauge report in which, Guyana’s sea level has risen to 1.7 feet within 40 years, which is indeed alarming.

The approved Guyana project will initially identify the possible ten most adaptable drainage systems that should be taken and based on the report the construction will be taking place. The system will be planned to increase drainage of the so-called East Demerara Water Conservancy system to the Demerara River by a whooping 35 percentage.
The reason for the sea to rise at such an alarming rate, one of the reasons is due to the global warming and also due to the increase in population in the northern parts of South America which in further affected the sedimentary deposits of the Amazon also. So the project sanctioned is well-judged!

Via: Reuters

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