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UN’s & five nations to survey flood


As per new United Nation’s trend, it will extend its helping hand to five Asian nations that are speculatively affected by floods during the climatic change period. This flood can affect cities from Beijing to Hanoi.

Some of the finest expertise from China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal and Sri Lanka will take part in the course that will continue for three months in Thailand to understand and map out the hazards of the floods. If this three-month course is successful then it would be spread to other regions.

As per some surveys, some serious floods causing eventful hazards to the effected country might come in the days to come. Amongst the effected countries, Asia leads them all. So to make people aware and take precautions is what this course aims at says the Srikantha Herath, senior academic officer at the U.N. University in Tokyo.

This course would gather experts from each selected country and will discuss all the pros and cons of floods and chalk out the best possible plans and methods to protect it for fewer hazards to be caused. The monsoon rains which sometimes leads to serious flooding kills more 3,000 people and affects more than 100 million people in south Asia this year.

Here, the property affected scores in billions of dollars. Beijing is one the city which is horridly affected by storms as well. In this case, global warming is one of the strong reasons for the same.

This United Nation’s course will be also in best of the interest of the rich and developed countries, after the Hurricane Katrina basted New Orleans in the United States in 2005. Some of the ideas has also come up to protect the cities are that the cities have systems that would channelize flood waters into low-lying parks or other areas, where it would do least damage, a senior official said.

Via: Reuters

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