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Window films are great friends of your carpet’s color

<![CDATA[The smell of a new carpet truly makes you feel at home. A warm cozy rug underneath the feet, and a fresh dry feeling, is what we invest in a carpet for. A brand new carpeted floor is a sight to behold. Obviously, no one wants their precious, beautiful rugs to ever fade. We would like to keep their colors fresh, and the carpets looking good as new.

Window Film can help protect the carpets from the three major enemies, UV Rays, solar heat, and sunlight. These three adversaries snatch away the color from your carpets as they do from our skin. The major steps that we need to take to protect the carpets from discoloration are:

Reduce the incoming UV rays

40% of all the major reasons of carpet discoloration are the harmful ultraviolet rays. Windows Films help reduce 99% of the incoming UV rays and thus, protect the carpets from fading.

Wooden floor finish, furniture, and even mannequins that remain exposed to sunlight lose their color after some time. Such is the influence of the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Having a windows film on the glass can cut down this effect by a greater fraction.


Protection from Solar Heat

Another 25% of the damage to carpet color is caused by heat from the sun. We generally decorate a well-lit living room with a beautiful carpet. But what we forget is that the sun’s heat that reaches the room and otherwise keeps the stench and the moss at bay, also causes the rug to fade.

In this case, Window Films can reduce 65% of the adversity by reflecting the heat back and keeping the carpets almost as good as new.


Protection from Sunlight

Statistically, the next 25% of the fading is caused due to the sun’s light. And the good news is that 50% of this can easily be reduced by investing in a good quality window tint.

Now that we know the trick to protect 90% of the fading, how do we make it a complete 100%? Walking on the carpet, air, artificial lights like those in the room, causes 10% of the discoloration.

Summary An expensive carpet stays on intact for a longer time, but cheaper ones give in to fading quite easily. To keep the beautiful hue of the carpet or even the floor and the walls unharmed, it is a good idea to invest in anti-fade window films. Like a sunscreen for the house, window films and tints help protect the expensive carpets from discoloration and fading.]]>


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