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When your child is ‘special’

Disabled kids most often turn out to be victims of abuse. They do not have a child protection plan to safeguard them. It is quite frustrating to hear about how society is accepting of disability and the way it is catered for in a community. Most parents with specially-abled kids have a difficult time taking them out. It seems a tough test when your kid looks perfectly normal but does not act in a way that is considered ‘normal’. At this point, the parent feels utterly defeated.  You must remember that every child is unique in his own way so the parenting techniques vary from one kid to another. Never mind! Nothing is impossible though.

Stop grieving on the fact that your child is disabled. Stop asking yourself questions like “why me?” or “did I really deserve this?” When you get to know that your child has some disability, it is natural on your part to feel shocked and sad. Do not worry, it will lessen with time. Parents of kids with disabilities should always remember that patience is a virtue. While in the presence of your child, you need to keep calm and maintain composure. Any show of frustration may frighten your child. Remember your child needs nothing but love and care. You need to have patience since your kid requires special attention to make him feel good about himself. He may otherwise feel cornered and left out. Poor care can sometimes amount to neglect.

It is a challenge to cope with the additional amount of physical and emotional care that your ‘special’ child requires. Your kid might need regular hospitalization. This might lead to a great amount of physical and emotional stress for the parent. It might affect parental relationship as well as the family’s ability to support the kid financially. It becomes all the more difficult for a single parent. Hence anxiety or depression is very common to the parents of children with disabilities. People with ‘special’ kids find it easier when they derive some support from their partners, relatives or friends. When both the parents contribute to care, emotional support and finances, things becomes a lot easier than what it would otherwise have been. It is very important to stay positive and motivated. You should always count your blessings while dealing with your kid. Whenever you feel like giving up, consult a counselor or join groups that offer help to such parent. Do not forget to encourage yourself and your child. Nothing can beat that! All the best!

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