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What makes plywood a favored choice for furniture manufacturers?

<![CDATA[Plywood is a collection of wood veneers that is bonded together for producing a flat sheet. Being an extremely versatile material, plywood is utilized in a wide array of exterior, interior and structural applications from the formwork to internal panelling. Over the years plywood has experienced a great deal of both refinement and transformation. Thus, several wood product manufacturer and furniture manufacturer in recent times are using plywood to manufacture household goods owing to its benefits and affordable cost.

Broad classification

Plywood is categorized into:

Hardwood plywood- Created from hardwood, particularly from birch, hardwood plywood is utilized for demanding end purposes. Birch plywood possesses excellent strength, resistance and stiffness.

Softwood plywood- This is usually manufactured from cedar, spruce, Douglas fir, pine, redwood or fir and is typically utilized for industrial and construction purposes.

Tropical plywood- This is manufactured from a mixed variety of tropical woods

Plywood for special-purpose– This includes pressure-treated plywood, sign-grade plywood, moisture-resistant plywood, fire-retardant plywood, marine plywood, flexible plywood, decorative plywood and aircraft plywood.


Many advantages of using plywood furniture

Plywood furniture is a good alternative to wood owing to the many advantages that it offers. Some of the most striking includes:

Pocket-friendly price- Cost is an exceptional benefit with plywood materials. With plywood you can make shelves, furniture and myriad other items at wallet-friendly prices. It is much cheaper than solid wood. So if price is a factor, plywood is certainly an advantage to consider.

High impact resistance- As plywood is a material that is wood based, it possesses the ability of accommodating the sporadic short-term overload. This is highly useful, especially where cyclonic winds or seismic activity can occur. Plywood is also effective especially when it is utilized as concrete formwork or construction flooring. The laminated structure of plywood distributes the load from the impact that effectively cuts down the tensile stress.

Versatility- The diverse variety of items in different sizes and shapes can be created from plywood. Pianos, bowling alley channels, domes, seats and chair backs are a few attractive curved plywood products.


Plywood- a favored choice for furniture manufacturers

Plywood is a favoured choice for furniture manufacturers owing to its noteworthy features. The flexibility of this material enables furniture manufacturers to experiment with diverse lines and shapes of plywood furniture. Tables and chairs often feature scoops and curves that offer the pieces a truly distinct look. Besides, the layers of plywood veneer make the furniture appear unique. Manufacturers choose plywood as it is extremely easy to work with during the fabrication process, signifying that furniture makers are granted the flexibility of experimenting with various designs.

Its low cost indicates that the investment when it comes to raw materials is much more affordable, further encouraging experimentation. Besides, various designs and styles can be created using this wooden assortment for the purpose of furniture decoration and other decoration requirements. Today, variegated textured, pattered, coloured and other decorative ply is available in the market. Furniture makers are exploiting every style for creating a stylist, nice product that is apt for today’s office, house and other commercial places.

Summary Although plywood cannot be at par with solid wood in terms of appearance and quality, yet its convenience, greater profit level, cheaper construction cost, aesthetics and functionality make it an extensively manufactured and utilized material for making furniture.]]>

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