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Some essential tips for traveling with your baby

traveling with your baby

If you are planning to go for a holiday then there is something different this time, because this time you are going with your new baby. You will feel different in airport where you will be changing nappies and making up bottles for milk. It will be disconcerting for you but you can make it easy with the following ways.

Minimizing baggage

All the way to the airplane, many airlines allow you to take the buggy that you will be handing over at the plane’s door. Once you reach the destination, you usually have to go to the baggage reclaim to get the buggy back. This can cause strain in your back, to avoid it use a lightweight pushchair.

Use a sling

A sling is very useful for you. The sling will support your baby in a natural position and it is easy to carry it. Using a sling just pop your baby in and you are ready to go anywhere. The main thing about this is that is has a wide design and adjustable strap facilitates extra support to the back and shoulder. You can put your baby down and need not to worry about the cleanliness of the surface.

Buy more than a buggy

Have you bought a buggy? Not yet but want to keep your child safe while travelling and need something that will make it easy for you to travel with the baby. You can try a buggy that offers more features like a carrycot with a sun hood, or a telescopic fold mechanism that makes folding easy and adaptable. Having a comfortable and waterproof seat unit with cushion, and a buggy that is easy to clean are great advantages.

Keeping clean

For the first year of baby’s life, the most important thing that parents use is a bottle sterilizer. Within two minutes bottle is completely germ free but it is very difficult to carry this electrical appliance on holiday. You can use a microwave sterilizer instead. It is smaller, light weight, and relies on a nearby microwave. Once sterilized, the bottle remains sterilized for 24 hours.

All change

Several times, baby- changing on plane or in airport toilet will be a difficult task for you due to uncomfortable position. You can use a nappy changing bag that opens out in a nappy changing mat using which you can change your baby anywhere you want.


Traveling with a baby can be difficult. However, some easy tips, and your own common sense can make your trip an enjoyable experience, like what it should be.

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