Weirdest jobs that are ‘normal’ and even well paying in parts of the world

Professional Mourner (Africa, China, and the Middle East)

Professional Mourner

Image Source : PlayHugelLttos.Com Funeral is a ceremony where family members, friends and colleagues remember and celebrate the life of someone they loved. But attending funerals are becoming a very popular way to earn money. Some people look at it as a business. To mourn is now turning into a business. People who can mourn and cry over at someone’s funeral they never knew are paid a fortune. Most of the times it’s just a way to fake the popularity of the deceased. Professional snuggler

Professional snuggler

Image Source : Cdn.Ymaservices.Com Sounds really weird but yes, people do pay for cuddles. In a local Japanese town, this beautiful woman named Jackie Samuel opened a snugglery where she charges $1 per minute but she is strictly clear about the concept of no sex-only cuddles. She believes that cuddles help relieve the stress and relax. She also says that she was born with this gift to cuddle. Bonus! She doesn’t need a license for that. Surfers Paradise Meter Maid, Gold Coast, Australia

Surfers Paradise Meter Maid, Gold Coast, Australia

Image Source : GapYear.Com A group of sassy young women in gold-lame bikinis and tiaras are paid to feed coins into expired parking meters for the locals and tourists to avoid parking fine. This concept of these gorgeous women called Meter Maids was introduced in 1960s and went viral soon. Dog Food Tester, Japan

Dog Food Tester, Japan

Image Source : Bear Mitch The owner of pet food company “Huds and Toke,” Mark Gooley can eat everything that has to do with a dog’s food. He ensures that whatever goes into your dog’s mouth is tasty and eatable. He pays a big deal for those who can accompany him in his crazy passion. This gross plus extra weird job can pay you upto 160 US Dollars per day. A crazy amount for a crazy job doer! Professional Urine Farmers

Professional Urine Farmers

Image Source : Oddee.Com This awkward pissy profession is all about deers and their urine. Urine farmers collect deer urine and sell it to the hunters who use it to catch their prey. The urine used to attract other deers is usually collected after the mating of the deer and the doe. Shoe Fitter, japan Shoe Fitter, japan Every single human has gone through the struggle of finding the true size of their feet, what is the most comfortable for your body and stuff like that. But, in Japan, primary, bachelor and master shoe fitters are present to help you with any issue regarding footwear. Luxury Bed Tester

woman long curly hair relaxing on bed at morning

This is what happens when luxury meets comfort, literally. This job is to ensure that the beds are comfortable enough for everyone who will sleeps in it. A Bed Tester has to put a check on some factors as lights, temperature, exterior sounds and many more. All these odd jobs in this world and still people complain that they don’t fit in for a normal job. Maybe there is a unique weird but interesting job like one of these waiting for you.]]>


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